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php REQUEST method from menu problem. please help

Discussion in 'PHP' started by on9homestore, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    I have two drop down menu(root menu and sub menu). I have a method trying to request its typeid using $_REQUEST["Typeid"]. However, somehow firefox(IE can) does not know i want the 2rd menu's typeid as my typeid. what can i do?

    my database looks like this:
    Typeid typename parentid rootid......
    1 dog 0 1
    2 cat 0 2
    3 bird 0 3
    4 Puppy dog 1 1
    5 kitty kitten 1 2

    Menu code:

    $sql2="select * from pet_vclass where Parentid=0 order by Typeid asc";
    //echo $sql1;
    <option value="<? echo $arr2["Typeid"]?>">

    <? echo $arr2["Typename"]?></option>
    <? }?>

    $sql6="select * from pet_vclass where Parentid=1 order by Typeid asc";
    //echo $sql1;
    <option value="<? echo $arr6["Typeid"]?>">

    <? echo $arr6["Typename"]?></option>
    <? }?>

    request typeid:

    $Typeid = $_REQUEST["Typeid"];
    on9homestore, Sep 23, 2010 IP