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PHP Include 4 levels deep Help Requested

Discussion in 'PHP' started by ProductivePC, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I am working with a PHPbb forum. The way they are set up with PHP I can only use the <!-- INCLUDEPHP filename.php --> includes and cannot use include('filename.php'); within their templates.

    The files I need to include in the templates so that I can have my own header and footer are in my root directory. I am on a windows server.

    To make matters worse their template files are located in the following pathway:

    When using the <!-- INCLUDEPHP filename.php --> it doesn't appear that I can use any references to my include files absolute or relative to point where the file is located. If I attempt to use <!-- INCLUDEPHP ../filename.php --> then it looks for the file in root/computer-repair-forums/styles/subsilver2/template/../filename.php instead of the previous directory.

    To get around this limitation my theory is to store a php file within the template directory and reference that file from the INCLUDEPHP and inside that file, I use the include('filename.php'); function to point to my other file within the root directory.

    On a Windows Server, how do I tell the include function to go 4 levels lower to look for the actual php file I want to include?

    I have tried:

    What am I doing wrong?

    Just FYI: The default include directory on my server is C:/php5 so that will be no help. If it was set to /includes or something to that effect, this would be easy.


    ProductivePC, Sep 14, 2008 IP
  2. ProductivePC

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    I must have been doing something wrong. The ../../../../ did work.
    Also, I can put an absolute path that I got from my ISP in there as well.

    So I can use include('../../../../filename.php');

    ProductivePC, Sep 14, 2008 IP