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Photoshop Community

Discussion in 'Sites' started by meridiancrest, Jul 29, 2008.

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    This is an established Adobe Photoshop community hosted on Livejournal.com.
    There are currently 704 feed subscribers (other Livejournal bloggers) and 939 active community members.

    The content and community is hosted on livejournal.com so there are no expenses.

    I have never used this site to run affiliate offers (which with as many targetted subscribers it would be easy to do...) but as you can imagine, there is a great potential for advertising with around 1600 subscribers in total.

    I have not made any attempts in advertising or growing the community, it has just taken a life of its own and grows at about 50-100 new readers per month on average.

    The typical reader is a new Photoshop user. This would be great if you'd like to drive some traffic to a tutorial site. You also have the option to turn off guest-member posting and post your own content only. I have let the other members create all content for me.

    Traffic does not really matter with this kind of community, since every post you make is fed directly into other Livejournal user's friends feed, just like RSS. There aren't any traffic details to provide.



    This is a matured community ready to make you some money/send you traffic!

    PM me an offer. I have positive iTrader. All offers will be considered.

    BIN will be $1000.

    meridiancrest, Jul 29, 2008 IP
  2. meridiancrest

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    BIN has been dropped to $500 for 24 hours only. Have received a few offers just below $500... $500 and it's sold.

    Remember.. this is an audience of almost 2000 RSS subcribers.

    meridiancrest, Jul 29, 2008 IP