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Personal Website Opinion

Discussion in 'Websites' started by LucaPe, May 18, 2017.

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    What do you think about my personal website? Design, colours, content, feeling...
    Any suggestions to improve it?
    Thank you!
    LucaPe, May 18, 2017 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Painfully slow to watch load, complete lack of content with no visual queues to even suggest I should scroll down, agonizing over-use of whitespace making it feel like a complete waste of time even at 2560x1440, particularly when there's not even enough content to fill one screen, much less six page-scrolls worth. The justified text isn't helping matters with the oddball non-standard serif font-face given how that compromises legibility... just like the serifs on the fonts themselves do when used on SCREEN media. (Lemme guess, you're an Apple user aren't you? 2304x1440 on a 12" display then wonder why everyone else in the worlds yells at you about the sizes of your text and layouts?)

    Renders utterly inconsistently cross-browser, I suspect the LACK OF A DOCTYPE has something to do with that, though the gibberish to non-existent use of semantics, endless pointless DIV for nothing, presentational style in the markup, gibberish use of numbered headings, presentational images in the markup using a file format NOT ready for prime time (SVG), and reliance upon the ignorant halfwit nube-predating BS known as bootcrap are likely equally at fault.

    The presence of bootcrap really explaining all those DIV for nothing, classes for nothing, and presentational HTML methodology -- showing the relative ignorance of what HTML is for, what CSS is for, and even the most basic concepts of accessibility so common when anyone dives for one of those mentally challenged "frameworks"... hence the presence of that fat bloated idiotic jQuery BS on a page I can't even see a legitimate reason to even be wasting JavaScript ON!

    You've got that X-UA crap that should only be needed on outdated codebases, an overstuffed keywords <meta> with zero page relevancy, description <meta> redundancy to your <title>, <meta> tags that no legitimate UA gives a flying purple fish about (such as "author"), completely invalid robots <meta> since there is no such thing as "index" OR "follow", no media targets on your stylesheet <link> (I'm so sure that screen layout makes sense for print, aural, teletype, etc), png favicon with no ico fallback (not that there's any reason to be wasting png on THAT), lack of alt text on your IMG tags (that's NOT optional!), multiple conflicting google verification META (only one of those will actually work), line breaks doing padding's job, the stupid malfing pointless HTML 5 bloat section/main/article tags on things that are none of the above, multiple H1 confusing accessibility aids like my braille reader (no matter what 5's SECTION/ARTICLE bullshit says, more than one H1 is broken nonsense), paragraphs around non-paragraph elements, paragraphs doing LABEL's job, no labels or fieldsets resulting in an invalid/broken from, attributes like "target" that have no business on any website written after 1997, line breaks doing padding's job, and even more static style in the markup in the form of the style="" attribute.

    Here's a big tip, 99.99% of the time you see style="", the developer has no clue how to write a website. 100% of the time you see <style>, same deal.

    Hence the 8k of HTML doing around 3 to 3.5k's job... ENTIRELY typical of "When bootcrap met jQuery"

    Bottom line, 2 out of 10. I've seen worse, netting it a couple points... but it is an inaccessible poorly written bootcrap based train wreck of how NOT to build a website if you care at all about accessibility, usability, graceful degradation, or any of the other factors ACTUAL web design is about. It reeks of artsy-fartsy BS I'd expect from a PSD jockey under the DELUSION that they know what design is, and not an ACTUAL designer who understands that design is engineering, involving things like specifications, limitations of the medium, accessibility guidelines, structural guidelines, etc, etc...

    Rabbi Tuckman: "Web designers?"
    Robin: "No, Just merry!"
    deathshadow, May 19, 2017 IP