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Selling {PERFORMANCE BASED SEO} | Budget SEO Packages | Link Building | $5.00 REVIEWS!!!!

Discussion in 'Services' started by LindseyInteractive, Sep 1, 2011.


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    Do you have a website that is not making money for you or your business? If you answered “YES” to this question, then we at SIS Media Group are here to help you.​

    We are not your typical internet marketing company; we do not work with spam software and hope for results for your company. Our company believes in “VALUE” ,and we offer a variety of services for your company or website. From Individual Link Building, Budget SEO Packages, and even PERFORMANCE BASED SEO Services, where you don't pay a DIME until we start ranking your website.



    SIS Media Group takes pride in making sure that your website reaches a high rank in a short time, and that it STAYS at a top position.



    Are you tired of taking the risk with an SEO Company??? Well STOP NOW!!!! We believe in the philohsphy that our success derives from that of our clients, and we take it seriously. That is why we have created our PERFORMANCE BASED SEO services. We DON'T get PAID until YOU SEE RESULTS.....PERIOD!!!!!

    Our Performance Based SEO services include the following:

    • No Deposit or Down Payment
    • Pay ONLY when your website is a Top 30 or Higher
    • Pay per keyword, based on prior month’s ranking
    • Custom Quotes Available, so send us your website URL and Keywords
    • Complete SEO Optimization (Including BOTH On-Site and Off-Site SEO)
    • Comprehensive Link Building Strategy


    We have Three (3) different SEO Packages for those who are on a budget. Each of our SEO Packages include the following services, with each one varying on the amount of link building done, number of keywords supported, etc. But, each package includes the following information:

    • On-Site Optimization
    • Title Tag Optimization
    • Meta Tag Optimization
    • Robots.TXT Optimization
    • W3C Validation
    • Image, Hyperlink, and Meta Optimization
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Home Page Optimization
    • 24/7/365 Award Winning Customer Service
    • Premium Directory Listings

    Now, please see below for "Package Specific" information on each package and their pricing:

    Starter Package: $225.00
    • 5 Keywords Supported
    • On-Site Optimization = 1 Page
    • Number of Monthly Content Pieces = 1 Piece Per Month
    • Article / Content Pieces
    • 50 Directory Submissions
    • 10 Article Submissions
    • 3 One Way Links

    Intermediate Package: $337.00
    • 7 Keywords Supported
    • On-Site Optimization = 2 Page
    • Number of Monthly Content Pieces = 1 Piece Per Month
    • Article / Content Pieces
    • 75 Directory Submissions
    • 20 Article Submissions
    • 4 One Way Links
    • 1 Permanent "In-Content" Contextual Link

    Professional Package: $470.00
    • 10 Keywords Supported
    • On-Site Optimization = 3 Page
    • Number of Monthly Content Pieces = 2 Piece Per Month
    • Article / Content Pieces
    • 100 Directory Submissions
    • 30 Article Submissions
    • 5 One Way Links
    • 2 Permanent "In-Content" Contextual Link

    Now, as you will see later in this post, all our Article Submissions include TOP Directories including sites like EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticleDashboard.com, etc. All our Article Directories are PR1 or higher, as well as all our web directories are also PR1 or higher. Also, when it comes to article Submissions, we don't submit the same article twice, ALL our articles that we submit are unique, so you are getting the best possible quality for your money.

    BUDGET Link Building Packages

    Now, as we mentioned above, we take QUALITY into account with all of our services. We only submit to PR1 + sites, we publish UNIQUE content, nothing is duplicated. All our titles, descriptions, are all unique as well. All of our content is created by our English writing department here in the United States, so it is perfect English.

    Starter Package: $412.00
    • 3 Pieces of Content
    • 10 Directory Submissions
    • 3 Article Marketing Campaigns (3 Articles + 175 Directories )
    • 1 Squidoo Lens
    • 10 One Way Links
    • 1 Permanent Contextual Link
    • Over 600+ Links Per Month
      [*]$0.68 Per Link

    Intermediate Package: $600.00
    • 5 Pieces of Content
    • 15 Directory Submissions
    • 5 Article Marketing Campaigns (5 Articles + 175 Directories )
    • 1 Squidoo Lens
    • 15 One Way Links
    • 2 Permanent Contextual Link
    • Over 1000+ Links Per Month
      [*]$0.60 Per Link

    Professional Package: $785.00
    • 7 Pieces of Content
    • 20 Directory Submissions
    • 7 Article Marketing Campaigns (7 Articles + 175 Directories )
    • 1 Squidoo Lens
    • 20 One Way Links
    • 3 Permanent Contextual Link
    • Over 1400+ Links Per Month
      [*]$0.56 Per Link

    Individual Link Building

    If you are on an even tighter budge that the link building packages above, we offer a variety of "Individual Link Building" services that you may choose from to be able to pick and choose your link building packages.

    Directory Submissions:
    With our directory submissions, we do them all by hand, but we do use what is called Robo Form to help us fill in the forms, as this saves alot of time instead of "Copy and Paste". We also use Google Chrome auto fill options. With our directory Submissions we will submit ONLY to PR1+ directories, we will also create you a "Catchall" email address to catch all the confirmation emails, as well as go through and confirm the emails for you.

    • 100 Directory Submissions = $15.00
    • 200 Directory Submissions = $30.00
    • 300 Directory Submissions = $45.00
    • 400 Directory Submissions = $60.00
    • 500 Directory Submissions = $75.00
    • 600 Directory Submissions = $85.00
    • 700 Directory Submissions = $95.00
    • 800 Directory Submissions = $105.00
    • 900 Directory Submissions = $115.00
    • 1000 Directory Submissions = $125.00

    Article Marketing & Submissions:
    As we do with our Directory Submissions, we take the same care and quality in our article submissions. We only submit to HIGH PR directories, nothing below a PR1 will be accepted in our article marketing strategies. Also, our sites includes sites like Ezinearticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticleDashboard.com, and more. Also, we will create you your very own account for your article marketing campaign, so you have easy access to it, as well as no need to have to sift through all of our profiles and articles. We will create the email address for you if you dont' have one as well.

    Also, unlike other article submission places, we WILL NOT use the same article for each submission. We submit only unique articles to the directories that we submit to. This way you have a higher acceptance rate and a better return. Also, you need to provide the article for us, or we can provide you an article for $9.50.

    • 10 Article Submissions = $10.00
    • 20 Article Submissions = $20.00
    • 30 Article Submissions = $30.00
    • 40 Article Submissions = $40.00
    • 50 Article Submissions = $50.00
    • 60 Article Submissions = $55.00
    • 70 Article Submissions = $60.00
    • 80 Article Submissions = $65.00
    • 90 Article Submissions = $70.00
    • 100 Article Submissions = $75.00

    One Way "Contextual Links" - Permanent
    Our final link building service we want to provide here is our "One Way (Contextual Links)" service. These links are some of the best quality links you can get for your money. These links are all from PR2+ sites, they are in-content from our network of sites, and they give the best possible link popularity to your domain.

    • 5 One Way Links = $93.75
    • 10 One Way Links = $187.50
    • 15 One Way Links = $277.50
    • 20 One Way Links = $370.00
    • 25 One Way Links = $456.00
    • 30 One Way Links = $547.50
    • 35 One Way Links = $630.00
    • 40 One Way Links = $720.00
    • 50 One Way Links = $850.00

    Review Packages:
    We are offering SEVERAL types of review packages for our services this week. Please see below for the reviews available.
    • $5.00 Reviews - On the 100 Directory Submissions & and the 10 Article Submissions...We have 15 of these avalaible.
    • 15% off EVERYTHING ELSE - 10 Reviews of These available.

    Contact Information:
    • Skype ID = sismediagroup
    • Email -
    • Digital Point Private Message
    • Toll Free - 888.328.1303
    LindseyInteractive, Sep 1, 2011 IP
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    Hello! I have 2 sites ready and waiting for third one to be completed, I need SEO work done but I did not find a suitable service yet. Since most of all claim very much but do nothing. I need such a company which can get my sites at the first page of Google in a couple of weeks.
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    Hey! I was in search of some SEO services and I had a look on several of the websites and then I cam to this SEO mania and nowadays I am negotiating with them about the rates, as their rates are too much higher.
    vilsago1, Aug 12, 2012 IP