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Penguin 2 hit Wordpress, DP, Hotscripts, etc.

Discussion in 'Google' started by dvduval, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. ryan_uk

    ryan_uk Illustrious Member

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    I looked at both. As you will see from Quantcast, DP is up in May compared to April, an increase of over 10,000. However, it's all meaningless and only Shawn has the true traffic stats. He mentioned it's "down a little". That doesn't translate to Google is going after webmaster/SEO sites/resources.

    Did you look at Quantcast for WordPress? Still, even though it's direct stats, it's still not meaningful. What visits are due to referrals, search traffic, social, type-ins, etc.

    That's utterly meaningless given Penguin 2.0 happened on 22 May. If you want to assess the impact of Penguin on a site, you can't base it upon traffic in December vs May. Going by this methodology, you can say "WordPress.Org's traffic is up after Penguin 2.0". The reality is (going by QuantCast's direct stats), it was on a gradual increase since December to now. Again, this is overall traffic, so there is no breakdown of search, referrals, type-ins, etc.

    What's important is what happened to the traffic after Penguin, so you could compare the week before it to the week after, for example.

    Anyway, you best hide, Google's army of warrior Penguins and Pandas are ready for another rampage on the webmaster/SEO sector. Allegedly.
    ryan_uk, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  2. Nathan Mclean

    Nathan Mclean Member

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    I'm new to the DP forum, all I want to ask is dvduval - How do I give you a like or a thumbs up or something for this post because it's great.
    Nathan Mclean, Jun 27, 2013 IP
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  3. malky66

    malky66 Acclaimed Member

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    You can't, untill you have 3 likes of your own
    malky66, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  4. dvduval

    dvduval Notable Member

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    But 3 sources do show DP is down as a result of Penguin, but just like Polls, they are all skewed. Nowadays you see people look at the polls in aggregate to get a clearer picture, and you confirmed traffic is down though not to the extreme as on Alexa. Alexa is ranking not traffic so that would also be something to consider.

    That said, I agree about the quality! Great job, Sean! We have higher quality visitors here now, and I would be one of the ones that stays longer per visit.

    As we look at a bigger picture, Penguin and Panda seem to have affected many of the sites I first mentioned since the beginning of the year.
    dvduval, Jun 27, 2013 IP
  5. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Yep... I can't speak for other sites, but I think the changes that ultimately brought our organic search traffic down slightly are actually a *good* thing for us. The traffic we are getting as a result tends to be better traffic for us.

    I mean let's be real here... Should we have ranked #1 for "hottest girl in the world" and #1 for "sexiest woman in the world"? Probably not, this site certainly shouldn't be considered an authority on it. But some of our most trafficked threads are a result of exactly that...

    1,459,557 views for https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/who-is-the-most-sexiest-women-in-world.687012/

    1,092,718 views for https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/whos-the-hottest-girl-in-the-world.314294/

    The users who are searching Google for those terms have about a zero chance of ever registering here and becoming a contributing user... So it's basically pointless traffic for us.

    On the flip side, threads about programming, HTML, server administration, etc. are ranking higher and as a result we are getting more organic search users coming in with those interests... And those are the users that *will* tend to register and become a contributing member after finding the site.

    At the end of the day all sites are going to have traffic ups and downs for various reasons. Best thing to do is just focus on making your site better than it is (no matter how good it already is). Give people something they can't get anywhere else... things they want. For example, we recently rolled out our cookie/JavaScript object search engine. It's a pretty vertical market thing (not something for your average random person), but the ones that *do* benefit from it... well... there's nowhere else they can go for the info/functionality (that I know of anyway). https://tools.digitalpoint.com/cookie-search

    It just all comes back to just working on making your site better... If you do that, organic search engine traffic tends to work itself out on it's own.
    digitalpoint, Jun 27, 2013 IP
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  6. linkscaptain

    linkscaptain Greenhorn

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    Agreed! Google acting like HITLER? Update and Update and again Update...
    There are I have 3-4 sites affected in penguin 2.
    linkscaptain, Jun 27, 2013 IP