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Paypal Phone Verification Not Working

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by mejennihuh2006, Jan 7, 2016.

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    I'm trying to confirm my identity to get the 21 day hold lifted. I tried my landline phone (through comcast) and it does not work. It's saying can't confirm. I can also recieve text messages through my comcast number (a feature with the service), but not working either. The number is connected to my address as this is where my comcast service is set up.
    I've already contacted them via email, waiting for them to reply. Tried over the phone they transferred me a total of 4 times and then hung up on me.
    I also recieved and activated my Paypal Business Debit Card that was mailed out to me.

    I don't know what the heck else the need. Anyone have problems getting your phone number verified to confirm identity?

    My Paypal account is over 90 days old and I still have 21 days holds. Met all the milestones they requested except confirming identity which the system is bugged and won't let me. :-/
    mejennihuh2006, Jan 7, 2016 IP
  2. mejennihuh2006

    mejennihuh2006 Member

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    Finally got someone over the phone:

    So I finally got ahold of someone over the phone. Don't know if the issue is 100% resolved though.

    Spoke to a rep, she did verify me using some public information asked me 3 questions based off public record that I had to answer.

    Once I verified that info, she went into my account to make some tweaks, but I think she messed something up. When she asked me to log in under a different browser, I went back to try and verify identity.

    It was gone. It said couldn't verify identity and to contact customer service. Since I was on the phone with customer service from the number that was in the system, she transferred me to an account specialist, which turned out to be from the fraud department WTF lol

    Anyway, the guy was nice. He said whatever she did there was nothing he could do, but he did look into my account. All of my payments were for services (I'm a web designer) and the payments were sent to me as goods which triggers the hold. So, he told me to actually invoice my clients for services and I won't get any payment holds, especially since I'm verified and everything.

    I guess that fixes my problem for now. Hoping someone will actually answer the email I sent them (they haven't responded). Hope this helps someone who has this problem as well.

    Paypal is full of bugs right now. I hope they get these kinks worked out soon. :)
    mejennihuh2006, Jan 7, 2016 IP