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Paypal Currency conversion , Cross - border and withdrawal fees

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by sofoklis1, Oct 28, 2017.

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    hello guys,
    it is my first post here and i'm hoping to find all the answers i am looking for or understand how paypal fees work at least.

    well , i am very confused by trying to understand what will be the paypal fees in a scenario that i am running in my mind .but it seems that it isn't a simple and clear thing to do. So i opened this thread.

    i would like the experts here to find every fee that will be taken from me by paypal

    So , let's say i want to start a small worldwide trading business and use paypal for my payments.

    i live in greece , our currency is euro ,my suppliers are in china and japan , my potential buyers are from all over the world but lets say for example a buyer is from USA .

    the buyer sends me his money in $ ( from USa paypal balance or bank account to my greek paypal balance ) with paypal protection , i should then send part of the money to japan seller in yen with buyers protection also .the remaining money in my pp balance are still in $ i want to withdraw them in my bank account in euro .

    As far as i searched it i found that in the above scenario there should be 2 crossborder fees , 2 currency conversion fees and 2 paypal buyers protection fees , as result 18 % on top of my price if my calculations are true.

    Could please explain me if my calculations are right ? Could you please propose a best cost efficient way of completing these transactions ?

    thank you very much , your thoughts are much appreciated
    sofoklis1, Oct 28, 2017 IP