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Paypal code - Please help!

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by nhc1987, Mar 28, 2009.

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    I made a Paypal account 2 weeks ago. This account is verified and bank account is added successful.This time I don't know how to find the Paypal code (Paypal statement) but Paypal charged 1.95$ from my bank account on Mar 19 2009. Now (today) I find the Paypal code but I cannot find where to fill Paypal code. So I decide to add credit card again but Paypal say that:

    "This card has been disabled for entry into the PayPal system. Please add a different card. You may also contact us using this form."

    I had sent an email to Paypal for instruction, but still not yet received their reply. So I make this thread to ask s.o know how to do, tell me the way to solve this problem!

    Thank you!

    P.S: Bank account and CC card is from US with full information!

    (It is my close friend's question. Please help!)
    nhc1987, Mar 28, 2009 IP