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PayPal checkout integration

Discussion in 'C#' started by DesignBytes, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Have integrated PayPal checkout with the Rest Full API, managed to make the payment and receipt flow, but I am still a little confused in correlating things

    Here's what I have done
    1. Created a (dummy) business/seller account on PayPal.com to receive (test) payments
    2. Signed up on developer.paypal.com using the same account, there the business one became the facilitator account and the other personal
    3. Created an APP in the account created in step 2, got a Client ID and Secret Key (Sandbox), passed the same in the API calls
    4. Was able to use sandbox personal account to make payments, and receive payments in the business account created in step 1

    1. If I integrate it for different customers in Live mode do I need to create an App in their Business Account and get the Client ID and Secret key passing the same in WebConfig ?
    2. Business accounts created under Sandbox accounts in developer.paypal.com login had API credentials, where can we use them in the integration ?
    3. How is the Personal account created on developer.paypal.com and a personal account created on sandbox.paypal.com different ? or are these for the same purpose ?
    4. I made a sandbox business account in the developer.paypal.com account, and received test payments on the same, but their dummy balance under Accounts > Profile link didn't increase after receiving payments am I missing something ?

    Any help would be appreciated !
    DesignBytes, Aug 14, 2016 IP