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Feedback Paypal Balance after Sale, but Account not Premier

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by sam08, Oct 31, 2017.

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    To link your Paypal account to DigitalPoint, you must be using a Premier or Business account. Well, according to Paypal, a Personal account is the same as a Premier account.

    This can be verified here: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Business/Premier-Account/td-p/1185963

    However, I am still unable to connect my PayPal to be able to receive the money from a sale. I would rather not upgrade my PayPal to a business account, but it seems like that is the only option.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
    sam08, Oct 31, 2017 IP
  2. Smyrl

    Smyrl Tomato Republic Staff

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    Now it appears that PayPal offers only two type of accounts which is basically what you indicated in your reference above.

    Does PayPal offer different types of accounts?
    We offer two types of accounts to meet all of your needs. Choose from a Personal or Business account.

    Based on this, it appears you need a Business Account.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
    Smyrl, Nov 1, 2017 IP
  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Personal PayPal accounts are not intended for selling items, which is why PayPal doesn't allow personal accounts to utilize the necessary API methods for doing it as sales. You definitely need a PayPal account designed for selling (which normally is a Premier or Business account). If PayPal stopped offering Premier accounts, then you would just be left with a Business account as an option. Their online help center still references premier accounts though:


    As far as a Personal account being the same as a Premier account, whoever told you that is the wrong. If that was the case, they wouldn't offer both. For example you can't send money to a personal account from a credit card payment.
    digitalpoint, Nov 2, 2017 IP
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  4. David Morrison

    David Morrison Member

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    I think your need a Premier or Business account there is no way around it.
    David Morrison, Nov 4, 2017 IP