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Buying Part Time Photoshop Web / Graphic Designer

Discussion in 'Design' started by PSD Genie, May 31, 2014.

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    Job Description
    You will work on client projects. Your job will be to:
    • Take Existing Theme PSDs & Update to Fit Client's Branding
    Skill Requirements
    • You Must Understand the Ins & Outs of Photoshop
    Compensation Range
    • $5hr-$7hr based on experience
    How to Apply
    • Send Your Portfolio & Resume to me via Digital Point private messaging. Be sure to include your desired hourly rate. The title of your message must be: Part Time Photoshop Designer. Failure to follow instructions will result in opportunity loss for this position.

    *In order to receive compensation, you must use Time Doctor to track your time & productivity as you will be working off-site.
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    PSD Genie, May 31, 2014 IP
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    i'm ready
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