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Part 2: SEO is not a magic wand

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by TechMaster, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I was first to comment in this thread. And I guess my comment has got so many reactions that I thought I should clarify.

    My idea of swapping link has been consider to be balck hat seo.

    Do you think giving a title to a page which describes the content in the page best is black hat SEO technique? Well, I don't think so. In fact thats what Google and other SEs want us to do. How did my post get in top even if it doesn't have any backlinks. Let me explain you why I got top position.
    Its a strong belief around that Google's algo strongly based on Backlinks. More Backlinks you have more SERP you will have. But Backlinks are not that important as compare to the CTR i.e Click Through Rate and Time Spent on page. CTR is extremely important.

    Keyword searchers definitely gonna click, If my page title convince that the page has the content what they are exactly looking for. Thats how my click through rate increases. Below is the proof.

    Click here Google News. Now take first two words from the first head line and make a search on Google. Most probably you will get the same page in top as in Google News. Thats because thousands of people have clicked that news. That page would no longer be on top as soon as its CTR goes down.

    You may provide targeted keyword included title to page but if the content is not relative or misguiding than 'Time Spent on page' goes down.

    You may manipulate BackLinks (By link exchange or buying links) but certainly can't CTR. To get good CTR you have to give useful and honest info about a particular topic. You may beat Google in BackLinks like john chow did but no one can beat any SE in CTR except good, quality and unique info.

    Finally let me tell you what i did was Whitest Hat SEO.
    TechMaster, Jan 3, 2008 IP
  2. EzBusinessNeeds.com

    EzBusinessNeeds.com Peon

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    I understand you point friend.
    Any way great post and i believed what you are trying to say is writing natural titles that attract users and at the same time include keywords.
    EzBusinessNeeds.com, Jan 4, 2008 IP
  3. NirMorgo

    NirMorgo Peon

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    It's true, but it's because the Google algo, when it sees that a new search term becomes
    suddenly popular, it will put at the top of the SERP the new pages with high CTR, instead of older ones
    Because they think that it's a way to bring you the most updated and relevant content
    (they measure relevancy by popularity)

    But this is a short term tactic
    You will quickly be outranked by pages with better content better backlinks
    NirMorgo, Jan 4, 2008 IP
  4. nocom

    nocom Member

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    Hi to all again
    Only reason for Nr6 is :your blog is on blogspot and Google preffer search result
    something like targeted search ,BTW keyword competition is only 135,000 - and only couple pages have full phrase in description .Yes its white method (for me) but you need to try to beat 800 000 keyword competition or more .Try search in yahoo and you see.

    Oups update:
    Search From Google for : Paid to Proofread - Personalized Results about 134,000
    Search From Google for : paid to proofread- Personalized Results about 1,200,000
    Any comment?
    nocom, Jan 4, 2008 IP