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PageSpeed / mod_pagespeed / Compressing images but retaining metadata

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by SamiSam, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Quick question...

    I've had pagespeed installed in my apache server for around 5 years and never had a complaint.. it's great at everything it does. Recently, i've found myself wanting to classify the images a little deeper using the metadata that's stored in the images but later found out that pagespeed strips away all meta info as part of it's image optimization process.

    I did find a setting - data-pagespeed-no-transform - which if inserted in the html, it would prevent this action.. but i'm wondering if there's a way to configure this on the server side as a global setting of some sort.

    Any input or help would be greatly appreciated!
    SamiSam, Apr 30, 2016 IP
  2. Nigel Lew

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    Nigel Lew, Apr 30, 2016 IP