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overute auto-tag does not match search terms at all.

Discussion in 'Yahoo Search Marketing' started by chrisrisenhoover, Oct 2, 2006.

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    I have overture tagging my URLS, and I also pass a data myself to know what add keyword/add combo is being used.
    While my data and ovetures data show the same keyword, when I look at the search terms for yahoo via Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and WebLog Expert lite I dont see it anywhere. Would not be such an issue except the term is coming up as my leading keyword term via PPC.

    Am I misinterpreting the search data from the log analyzers?
    chrisrisenhoover, Oct 2, 2006 IP
  2. chrisrisenhoover

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    Well, this has been baffling enough I thought I would post some more infromation I had found. Overture contineus to claim that the clicks are valid (even though we have had more clicks in a day then their inventory engine claims occur in a month for the term) - howerver I dont see it in the analytics tool I am using (Google Analytics). On further discussion about the analytics, it appears that a large portion of the traffic we are seeing from Yahoo is not have the refeer information passed in the the click so that GA can pick up on it. This also correlates with the majority of traffic I am getting from Overture from India and other overseas countries.

    Anyone else ever have this problem with Overture?
    chrisrisenhoover, Oct 4, 2006 IP