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Overture (Changing Titles) - Lowering CTR and ROI

Discussion in 'Yahoo Search Marketing' started by linkpro, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Does anyone know when Yahoo Search Marketing decided to just start changing titles? I getting some good CTR and conversions and the TITLES of my ads were written specially to target what my site is offering. However, yahoo decided recently that they would just go through my keywords and change them to include the keyword in the TITLE without ever really looking at what my site is about.

    THE EFFECT - Sales / Conversions which averaged about 2-3 day through march. April not 1 sale. NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

    For example.

    Say my website is on RINGTONES - I list the top 100 ringtones and the phones they are compatible with and the companies to get the best prices through.
    Say my TOP ROI keyword was - ringtone and the title "Best Selling Ringtones"

    THEY CHANGE IT TO : "Learn about the Ringtone Industry"

    Its amazing!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to stop them or when this actually started taking place?
    linkpro, Apr 11, 2006 IP
  2. TCR

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    I noticed that also, my ad says " Recap of Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer etc..."

    They changed it to "Info & Recap etc..." In my case it was complimentary.

    I would call them. 1-866-Yahoo-SM I have spoken to them on two seperate occasions and they were helpful as can be. =)
    TCR, Apr 12, 2006 IP