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Selling Over 400$ a month Passive Income Possible - CPA Marketing Income and Dating blog. 100% Automated

Discussion in 'Sites' started by BusinessMaker, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Mobile Disaster- $60

    A little about the site:

    The way we were building the blog, are a little different. 2 years ago I thought that it might be a good idea to build a site that will not depend on Google ranking measurements. So we built blog that will receive most of his traffic from Youtube and several others Referral sites. At the beginning it was hard because I had to do everything manually, creating videos, uploading them to youtube, writing articles etc…
    With time I paid to create special add-ons to the site that will help maintaining everything. Now we have few scripts and plugins that upload videos with one click of a mouse. What I didn’t put on my site to additionally increase income is Google ads and that can be done by a new seller. I attached multiple sources of proof on other websites that I have. I attached some traffic and earning proofs that will show you earnings and traffic that this site can have with a little of work.

    What are the costs to maintain the site?

    Basically nothing, since I am using basic hostgator $10 a month hosting, this is the only thing that you will have to pay after acquiring the site. The domain is hosted at godaddy so the transfer will be very fast and easy.

    How much time to maintain this site?

    To get to some honest earnings from around $100 to $800 a month it can take you up to month of work with around few hours a week using special plugin that we developed. After that the site will run basically on autopilot you just have to upload few videos a week and add new offers if there is any. Other than that there is no any special work that has to be done on this website.

    What will you receive?

    Premium domain name MobileDisaster.com
    Free Domain name transfer to your Godaddy account
    Free Hosting/Files transfer to any hosting company done personally by me.
    Complete Graphics on the site
    PDF Guide that will walk you trough a process to run this business
    Skype support for life, every time you need something you can contact me.
    Preinstalled and completely set up Plugin that will help you add videos to youtube if you decide to (upload 13 videos in one second)
    Wordpress theme package- contains more than 1200 wordpress themes.. More than 50 themes are premium.. This package is a bonus if you decide to buy the site..

    DatingMastered- $50

    This blog is a great opportunity for you guys that are experienced in the dating industry and know how to make money in this field. BUT, it's also a great opportunity to get into the dating world for you guys that are looking to make the move.
    -Built on Wordpress platform
    -High quality design blog
    -Unique header design
    -Website can easily be customized through the admin panel
    -Clean and easy layout to keep your visitors engaged for hours!
    -100% automated - Perfect for beginners

    Website is designed to attract visitors to the site and keep them entertained for hours. This site has it's own unique header design and color layout to match the theme of the nich! This in turns will not only make the site stands out from the crowd, but will also increase the value of the site over time.

    Website is preloaded with 100 high quality articles. All articles are already on the site. Each article have high paying keywords to get the highest pay per click on Adsense.

    Domain is registered at Godaddy for 1 year. We will push the domain free of charge to your Godaddy account.

    Website is currently hosted on our main server. After payment, we will either send you the website files with instructions to setup the file yourself or you can email us your hosting information and we will set it up for you free of charge.

    Bonus for buying this blog:
    -Twitter page with 2000 followers
    -50 extra articles added on site
    -Hosting for a year for free..

    Happy bidding.

    All questions send me by PM, and please don’t bid if you aren’t serious about buying.

    Here are some earning proofs that I made with site similar to Mobile Disaster (with the plugin that I give for free):
    Earning stats 2.jpg Earning stats 1.jpg
    BusinessMaker, Jun 18, 2013 IP
  2. adninja

    adninja Active Member

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    Hm, I'm interested but I'm wondering. Did the phone and stuff you posted on your website linked to a CPA offer that was about that product?
    adninja, Jun 26, 2013 IP
  3. energetic

    energetic Well-Known Member

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    highly interested, but what is the income sources? amazon?
    energetic, Jun 26, 2013 IP
  4. BusinessMaker

    BusinessMaker Member

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    Yes, it is.. Offers are from a Peerfly, leading CPA company in the world..

    It is Peerfly...
    BusinessMaker, Jun 26, 2013 IP
    CoreyPeerFly likes this.