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Selling Over 32000 Articles On Sale Mixed Niche 100% Unique Check Inside

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by iBoy, May 28, 2017.



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    Hello DP members,

    I had a content writing agency in the past and have 32000 plus articles in almost every niche, most of the articles are above 500 words with excellent quality well researched articles.

    Few things to clear.

    No.1 My Articles are almost on every topic, like: pers, sports, health, vitamin etc.

    No.2 My Articles are 100% Handwritten. (Highly paid)
    No.3 My Articles are 100% Copyscaped. (Tested each article)
    No.4 My Articles are 100% Unique Plagiarism Tested.
    No.5 My Articles are Seo Friendly.

    My cost for the articles is too high but I want to sell in cheap because I want to cash my asset.

    Only $2 Per article. You will be amazed after reading my articles.

    I always focus on quality instead of quantity. So I am sure if you buy 100 articles from me your website will be ranked fast.

    Just Click buy now and send me your niche and I will send you the articles. and If you need sample before ordering me then simply PM me including your niche and I will send you the sample for free.

    What I need from you?

    >> Your Niche
    >> Quantity.

    Feel Free to Order.

    iBoy, May 28, 2017 IP
  2. mrgoe

    mrgoe Well-Known Member

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    Are you a native English speaker? :) How many words in a $2 article ? :) And please do send me a sample, I don`t really care about the niche, as I need these for a general blog.
    mrgoe, May 31, 2017 IP
  3. Lisa Georgese

    Lisa Georgese Greenhorn

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    please send me sample. My niche is in "writing""seo""online marketing "
    Lisa Georgese, Jun 3, 2017 IP