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Over 3,000 word perfectly targeted niche site on first page of Google. Hard work done

Discussion in 'Sites' started by JBTWebmaster, Feb 23, 2012.

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    www.golfneeds.net. Hi. I'm offering a perfectly targeted Golf site. This site has a custom setup and look with over 3,000 words of content and pictures already added, as well as a custom logo image. This site is set up to sell ANYTHING Golf related and is perfectly targeted and designed for all of its keywords. I have also COMPLETELY SEO optimized the site in every way including submitting it to over 20 search engines starting with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and adding several high profile relevant backlinks, targeting Meta tags, etc, etc. It is built on Wordpress so is easy to update and change the way you like and already has plugins ready for use with Adsense, Analytics, and others. This site gets several thousand searches a month for the keywords JUST in its name and is on the first page of Google for these searchers ahead of sites like Golf.com even. Every page has, and is completely optimized for, a keyword or keywords. Many with low competitions. The first person to buy the site now and send payment will not have to wait and will recieve the site ASAP. It is registered at Namecheap, so you must have a free namecheap account so I can push the domain to you immediately.
    Starting Bid: $100

    Buy it now: $200
    JBTWebmaster, Feb 23, 2012 IP
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    I couldn't figure out how to close this thread, so I'm just going to make another. I figured out how to make my thread a general auction with payment and price. etc, etc. Just look for my new post.
    JBTWebmaster, Feb 23, 2012 IP