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Selling Outdoor Niche Guest Post

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by vfleming, Mar 13, 2018.

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    NOTE: PM before placing order so I can approve site and terms.

    Selling outdoor niche guest posts.

    I will only accept guest post related to the following topics:
    Self defense

    You supply article:
    NOFOLLOW: $5
    FOLLOW: $10

    Article guidelines:
    Article must be 500+ words
    Pass copyscape
    Written for US human readers
    No fluff, must be helpful
    Will not accept site I believe are poor quality

    I write article:
    FOLLOW: $25

    Article details:
    DOFOLLOW is included
    I don’t write for word count but for complete article
    It will will be written by someone who loves the above niches and will be written for real people
    You can expect 800+ words but again, it will be written to be complete and not only for backlinks
    Article will be non-compete, it will be on a subject I know and will naturally mention your site. I will try to work in your anchor but will need to fit naturally
    If you are not happy, I will refund money and remove link
    I will link to other authority links within post
    Will add photos, meta, etc

    Need some reviews? Check them out on Fiverr below!

    Please note that I have and will reject jobs that do not fit my niche, feel the linking site is low quality, etc

    PM me for example articles, and reviews.

    What others say:

    Another top notch delivery. Very quick turnaround and a really nice, genuine blog. Highly recommended. Thanks.

    Well written article, nice link. Highly recommended. Thanks.

    Amazing writer! thank you

    Great Gigs I will come back again

    Thanks vf8170, Looks great on your site. Thanks for the quick turn around.

    Vince was OUTSTANDING! I could not be more impressed!

    Awesome job and a super fast delivery, highly recommended

    Awesome gig and great site for a link/post, thanks

    PM me for more review, examples and site.
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    vfleming, Mar 13, 2018 IP
  2. vfleming

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    Reserved for FAQ

    Q: What is the time frame?
    A: If you write post, I should have up within 24 hours. If I write post, it should be up within a week but may be up to 2 weeks depending on my real job schedule. I’m pretty good about writing as soon as I have time.

    Q: Will you review my product?
    A: I will not review a product I have not tried. Please PM me about your product.

    Q: How many links can I get?
    A: I will only post one link to your site. You can have a couple others to other sites that contribute.
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    vfleming, Mar 13, 2018 IP