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our web link was banned from business page

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by leeweb88, Jun 27, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, just want to know if anyone could help us. we've got agency to help promoting our products on FB and looking after the business page. after 2 months our business page was block and deactivated by facebook. now we're creating new business page and do everything by ourselves to make sure do the right thing. we realized facebook also banned our web link from business Url as well.

    please advice me what i have to do to get back everything.

    thank you so much
    leeweb88, Jun 27, 2018 IP
  2. Navea

    Navea Greenhorn

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    I guess you can't do anything about it aside from contacting Facebook and requesting them to lift your ban.
    Navea, Jun 27, 2018 IP
  3. qbeststar

    qbeststar Greenhorn

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    Please send here your business url , also did you send message to Facebook support ?
    qbeststar, Jun 28, 2018 IP