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Organic & Returning Customers - first 12 months

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Pete McLaurin, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Anyone out there got any data for organic and returning customers for month 1 to 12 of an Ecommerce site?

    Appreciate that these figures are in a large part dependent on your content/SEO and retention strategies but any guidance on what could be expected in the first year would be much appreciated. I have pretty solid data for pretty much every other metric but for these two it's been almost impossible to find anything at all, irrespective of area of Ecommerce.

    Some info on my project:

    - Tabletop, board and card gaming Ecommerce site.
    - UK based but will likely have some European trade (10-20% I'm estimating)
    - Typically these customers spend around £50 every month
    - Got a fairly intensive SEO strategy in place with a good selection of low competition keywords to target
    - Have a clear retention strategy in place as well - newsletters & winback emails, a mechanic that provides store credit for a simple post purchase interaction, a new delivery experience designed to delight the customer.
    Anyone got any data they're willing to share?

    Cheers, P
    Pete McLaurin, Sep 12, 2020 IP
  2. wrighter

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    Hi, if that is still actual for you, refferal system worked for my "local" ecommerce (US). I started to work with cashback services and in distance that move helped me to get better positions and more customers.
    wrighter, Oct 6, 2020 IP