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Options in Google sitemap generator WP plugins

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by Dan-Brogan, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Hey people,
    I've just activated this Google sitemap generator plugin for my wordpress blog, and could do with some advice on the Options within thw plugin.

    Here are the Options listed in the WP control panel, what should I set these options to so things will run smoothly?

    # Limit the number of posts in the sitemap: (Newer posts will be included first)
    # Try to increase the memory limit to: (e.g. "4M", "16M")
    # Try to increase the execution time limit to: (in seconds, e.g. "60" or "0" for unlimited)
    # Include a XSLT stylesheet: Use Default (Full or relative URL to your .xsl file)
    # Build the sitemap in a background process (You don't have to wait when you save a post)

    Any help will be most appreciated :D


    EDIT: actually I've just realised there is a whole crap-load of more options, does anyone else have experience using this plugin? Also do I have to manually rebuild the sitemap every time I update my blog?
    Dan-Brogan, Feb 8, 2008 IP
  2. trichnosis

    trichnosis Prominent Member

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    did you visited the developer web site?
    trichnosis, Feb 8, 2008 IP
  3. walkere

    walkere Active Member

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    The first two settings shouldn't matter, unless you have a really large blog. I think it would take a lot of posts to make php use up too much memory or too much time processing. Leave them alone unless you run into a problem.

    I use the default XSLT stylesheet. It looks nice enough, and who's really going to read your sitemap?

    I have "background process" on. Never had any problems with it.

    Really I haven't customized much of anything in the plug-in and it works awesome.

    As for the last question, there's an option under "Building" that says "Rebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blog." If that is on, it will automatically re-build if you edit part of your blog.

    The only time you might want to manually re-build the sitemap is if you change the settings on the sitemap (without changing any blog content).

    Good luck,
    - Walkere
    walkere, Feb 8, 2008 IP