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Optimizing Embedded YouTube Videos for Same Keywords as Blog Post

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by monkeywisdom, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I have a blog. Each post has an embedded YouTube video and what amounts to a rough transcript of the video. There's also a couple download links so that the podcast feeds catch those as well.
    I'm titling the YouTube videos with the same titles as my posts and aiming for the same keyword phrases. Is that bad? At first, even if I rank in the first two positions, YouTube comes first and the blog post second. Maybe there's a good way to coax Google into believing that the blog is the source? Any hacks or ideas that are future-proof? I already have a fairly good SEO footing with room for improvement, and this is going to become a well organized authority site.

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    monkeywisdom, Oct 25, 2013 IP