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Buying [Ongoing] Job for Indians (only) - Q/A Project - Earn Around INR 20K p.m. for 3-4 hours work/day

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by TPvinod, May 6, 2019.

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    We need several writers to answer questions posted by school/college students. All questions are from their textbooks or their assignments and you just need to make a quick search in Google to find the answer and write in your own words (minimum of 50 words per answer).

    The pay starts at Rs.10 per answer and will be increased to Rs.11,12 up to Rs.15 per answer after you've completed a certain number of questions and also depending on how many answers you can complete in a day and how many days a week you work.

    You can answer any number of questions per day, anytime of the day and on any day of the week. There's no restriction or minimum number. You'll be paid at the end of the week (via NEFT/IMPS) based on the number of questions you've answered. The answers should be 100% original (no plagiarism) and written without any errors.

    In the worst case scenario (for the most difficult questions), it would take about 5-7 minutes to research, find the answer and write in your own words. You also have the option to skip difficult questions if you don't feel like answering them.

    So one can easily write 12 to 15 answers per hour. And if you work 3-4 hours per day, you can easily write around 50 answers per day.

    Here's the payment structure:

    Up to 10 answers per day - Rs.10 per answer
    11 to 20 answers per day - Rs.11 per answer
    21 to 30 answers per day - Rs.12 per answer
    31 to 40 answers per day - Rs.13 per answer
    41 to 50 answers per day - Rs.14 per answer
    50+ answers per day - Rs.15 per answer

    Let's take a look at how much you can earn from this project by spending about 4 hours per day for 25 days a month:

    20 answers per day = Rs.11x20 = Rs.220 x 25 (days) = Rs.5500
    35 answers per day = Rs.13x35 = Rs.455 x 25 (days) = Rs.11375
    50+ answers per day = Rs.15x50=Rs.750 x 25 (days) = Rs.18750

    If you write more than 50 per day, you'll earn close to 20K per month or even more! And this is an ongoing position.
    If you are interested or have any questions, please drop a mail to . Please share your experience in writing for the web and type of projects/content you've written. If possible, please share a sample you've written.

    You need to be available for discussion in WhatsApp as we need to stay in touch for updates.

    Thanks & Looking forward!
    TPvinod, May 6, 2019 IP