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One business AdSense Account and one private Account?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by itzfufu, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I am pretty new with AdSense, so I got a question :confused:

    If I am going to do this totally correct, I will need two accounts:
    1. one business account
    2. one private account

    The business account shall be used for implementing AdSense advertising on a blog, which is running via my company for selling a book.
    The AdSense cashflow has to happen between Google AdSense and my company.

    The private account shall be used for plain private projects. My private blog, maybe my guild's website, etc.
    The AdSense cashflow has to happen between Google AdSense and my private bank account.

    This would be the correct way to handle it, because of taxes, private and commercial income, etc..

    Is this working out?

    I have already created 2 different accounts:

    1. one account linked to an email adress with the blog project
    2. one account linked to my private googlemail adress

    On account 1 I've created a Google AdSense advertising and implemented it on my blog via a widget into my sidebar.
    On account 2 I've created a Google AdSense advertising for my private blog and implemented it via the same widget thingy.

    At first, everything seemed fine.
    Both of the accounts got the status "Your account needs to be authorized" etc..

    Then something strange happened:
    The created advertising on account 2 (for my private blog, with my private Google email) disappeared :confused: and reappeared on account 1 (the business account with a completely different email adress).

    I've corrected this, but still, both accounts are unchanged – the status says "needs to be authorized".

    My advertisings have the status "new". I made some screens for you, hopefully this makes it a little bit easier to judge.
    001 shows my AdSense backend of account 1
    002 shows my Wordpress backend, referring to the widget which shall implement AdSense
    003 shows my AdSense backend of account 2

    What shall I do now?
    How long will I have to wait for the authorization?
    The corrected AdSense Codes are online on my blogs since monday. The accounts themselves have been created at february, 6th.

    Hope you can help.
    Many thanks.

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    itzfufu, Feb 23, 2012 IP
  2. JamesColin

    JamesColin Prominent Member Premium Member

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    Maybe you should have done it one at a time. But don't worry, being in germany things will get sorted out I believe. But for this you need to get in contact with adsense directly, or at least use their own adsense forums.. But better find a contact form and have a word with them directly.
    JamesColin, Feb 23, 2012 IP
  3. itzfufu

    itzfufu Peon

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    Yep, I thought about "doing it one at a time", too – afterwards :(

    It didn't occur to me that this could be causing difficulties.

    I have already postet in the german google forum (cannot link it in my posting yet), but there were no answers that could help, so far.

    A "real" german customer support doesn't exist, unlike for Google AdWords.
    I will keep looking for a contact form or something – I guess, this will be the only option besides waiting and waiting for the authorization. :(
    itzfufu, Feb 23, 2012 IP
  4. itzfufu

    itzfufu Peon

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    I cannot find any way, to get in contact with Google :(

    No chance to talk about my case with some official Google staff member, I guess, I just have to wait and wait and wait.

    The status of my accounts is still "waiting for authorization", my Ads are now marked as "inactive".

    I don't know, what to do – I start to believe that AdSense will never start on my sites. :(
    itzfufu, Feb 26, 2012 IP