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One Big Site with Additional URL (not microsite)?

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by hheeeaattthherr, Sep 14, 2016.

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    I'm so confused, but I'm desperate for help here as this is a project I'm doing for Drupal:

    I have a real estate developer who has three sections on their website and in their company:

    They are so excited about the Residential portion that they want it to be an entirely different site, but still on their domain somehow.

    example: perfectestate.com would be their main site with all three verticals. However, they also want residentialperfectestate.com for their residential sector, but also have it stay on the perfectestate.com domain.

    We aren't talking microsite here (I don't THINK), because all the properties, pictures, information would be pulled from the same source.

    Also let it be known that I'm not a developer so this is as technical as I can get; I didn't even know where to put this question. I'm really hoping someone can help out the befuddled (c'est moi)
    hheeeaattthherr, Sep 14, 2016 IP