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OnClick parameter problem

Discussion in 'C#' started by micanti, May 15, 2006.

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    I just began to delevop a forum, and met a problem, i can't send the parameter which sends the number of the link the user clicked to my procedure. The called procedure is used to show 7 records for the page number given as parameter.
    This is my code :

    sub getPageLinks()

    dim NbMsg, counter, NbPages

    NbMsg = getMessageCount("Nbr")

    If (NbMsg Mod 7) > 0 Then

    NbPages = CInt(NbMsg / 7) + 1

    End If

    response.write("<div id='pagelinks'>")

    for counter=1 to NbPages


    <a href=# onclick=<%call getRecords(counter)%>><%=counter%></a> '!!!!! Problem



    end sub

    There is a problem on the 'onclick', this doesn't accept the variable 'counter'. How can i solve this ?!

    Thank you !!!
    micanti, May 15, 2006 IP
  2. kozikozi

    kozikozi Peon

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    Could someone be please so nice and help me...

    I would like to create onclick counter...
    I have a blog, and I know how many people visit that page....
    but now I would like to know how many click hapened on banner..

    kozikozi, Feb 9, 2008 IP