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Selling On-the-spot B2C IT Support Services - Highly Scalable & Automated

Discussion in 'Sites' started by redvivi, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Case Summary

    This website, positioned between the consumer (who is seeking help) and the supplier (IT technician) sells remote (or on-site) (B to C) computer support services using a highly scalable, flexible and dynamic booking system, troubleshooting time for IT technicians.

    The monetization model is based on a fee-for-service payment or maintenance subscriptions to secure the recurring revenue.

    Customers (non-IT professionals or those with limited knowledge) can choose products and reserve slots available.

    At Doc-ordi, we can help you remotely wherever you are!

    Our main products:
    • System diagnostics and tips
    • Malware protection
    • Machine optimization
    • Troubleshoot software / hardware interface
    • Data recovery

    Our unique selling point

    Our goal is to provide a unique online customer experience of computer services through pre-calibrated, presented and sold in the form of bookable products.

    Customers benefit from an immediate booking on schedule whenever they wish.

    Unlike competitors who charge by the hour, our approach is a unique price for each product, allowing the customer to know exactly the price paid.

    In summary:
    1. Fast and efficient calibrated computer services anytime, anywhere.
    2. Strong automation of the website allowing a low cost structure.

    How does it work ?

    The webmaster defines a set of computer troubleshooting products that they are willing to sell via the website, which may include services such as virus cleanup, cleaning, and so on.

    The webmaster has the opportunity to reuse the platform in white label to other companies.

    The next step involves selecting a group of IT support technicians who will perform the services, reserved via the platform.

    Customers have the freedom to choose the products they want by browsing the website. Free online support is available.

    Customers can book a service appointment based on the availability of IT support technicians. (Their availability is determined based on an internal calendar for each of them and the appointments already made)

    doc-ordi uses TeamViewer as a remote tool to perform support tasks (tool not dependent on the website).

    Customer Experience

    The site is designed to automatically manage each customer's request.

    Each technician has their own availability schedule, which allows the customer to easily make your reservations at the date and time of his choice. Only available schedules are displayed.
    Optionally, the site can be configured to choose a particular convenience store.

    Each task requires customer relationship management by the technician to troubleshoot.

    Tracking emails are automatically sent based on configurable rules such as type of products already ordered, frequency, etc ... to provide consumers with a unique and personalized customer experience.

    In addition, the customer has the opportunity to purchase recurring services such as maintenance to strengthen the revenue model.

    What does it take to get the site up and running?

    A hosting provider supporting Wordpress.

    A group of computer technicians with expertise in the field is essential for the proper functioning of the site.

    How long does it take to make it work?

    In addition to support time, which obviously depends on orders, the owner should expect 3-4 hours per week for website ad management, product development and various support tasks.

    What was the cost of development?

    • €19.000

    Customer profile

    Our clientele is mainly composed of elderly people and seniors, over 50 years old and not interested in computers, who need help to manage the computer.

    Feature Details

    The technical platform is designed to sell any type of services based on customer-made appointments with allocable resources.

    Our sales flow is completely automated, based on Wordpress & WooCommerce, including:

    1. Fully automated sales tunnel.
    2. Computer Technician AvailabilityComputer Technician
    4. Payment Procedures
    5. Billing
    6. Cross-selling and Suggested Products to the Customer Based on Suggested Products.
    7. Mailing List Management

    The site is currently configured via Stripe Gateway, allowing the technician to be paid for troubleshooting while paying a percentage to the webmaster.

    How do we acquire our customers?

    Our customer acquisition process is done primarily through Google Ad campaigns and word of mouth via the technician.

    How are retaining your customers?

    The automatic emailing system, according to configurable rules, allows customer loyalty and personalization.

    In addition, the product maintenance subscriptions are created and used to ensure the retention of the customer who is in regular contact with the customer.

    Why do you sell this business?

    The company failed to achieve critical mass, mainly due to lack of time from the webmaster.

    Content of the sale

    1. The domain name, the website and all current customers.
    2. An accompaniment of the new purchaser to the use of the web site and its structure are possible on request.
    3. All pages of social networks are included in the sale:


    The owner is an international manager in the field of computer science, working in famous French companies. Entrepreneur and ambitious, his activities have diversified considerably. With an expertise in IT and an impressive career, the owner has accompanied and developed many business plans.
    redvivi, Nov 10, 2018 IP