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Selling On-Site SEO Optimization Service, introductory Price: $10 only

Discussion in 'Services' started by solidstate, Mar 23, 2013.



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    Hi DP members,
    I am a veteran DP member with vast experience in On-Site SEO Optimization. I have almost mastered SEO Optimization by studying and doing restless months and years of research on it. I would rate my self 80% when it comes to SEO Expert. I fully understand what things and how things should be placed in a website, (ex. Content, Image) so that google crawl bots will be in favor of your site in search engine.

    This is the first time I am offering this kind of service, because now I am confident in it.
    Because this is my debut in SEO service industry, I want to minimize my service charges from industry standard and create my portfolio in it.

    As an introductory Price of just $10 USD for On-Site SEO Optimization.

    *Please note that this price is for relatively small website that has like 1-2 html pages.
    If you want the service for bigger sites that has more pages, price may vary. Please DON'T hesitation to contact me via PM. And DON'T worry about my service charge fees, its not going to be more than $70. It will be less than that actually.

    Things I need form you to for this job:
    - Site address, I want to see the running site and its content before I pick the job.
    - Your site primary keyword and secondary keyword.
    - Your website page code access, usually by ftp, so I can optimize the text and codes.
    - Upfront payment for new members with less then 150 posts.
    - No payment required from veteran members like me with a post count of 500+ and good reputation.
    - I can accept payment to Paypal and Liberty Reserve only.
    Lastly you can always tip me extra for a cup coffee while I optimize your site.

    Thank You Very Much.

    Tanbir A.
    solidstate, Mar 23, 2013 IP
  2. shahid ashraf

    shahid ashraf Active Member

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    if you offer trial then it will be good and i will be interested
    shahid ashraf, Apr 8, 2013 IP
  3. solidstate

    solidstate Well-Known Member

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    With this introductory price, I can't offer you a trial. Normal market price for this kind of service is min $100
    solidstate, Apr 8, 2013 IP