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On-Page Analytics Platform - Ruby Gem Available

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Rachel Geraci, Oct 10, 2017.

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    My name is Rachel and i'm the CPO of a analytics startup Roguelytics. I'm super excited to share our platform with this community and offer any developers interested to use our platform for free.

    Our analytics platform is build for developers who control sites for small to medium size businesses. You can download our Ruby Gem or WordPress plugin - we also have multiple test environments so you can play around and test without interfering with any of your live sites. Our platform is not an alternative to Google Analytics. Ideally should be used together with a web analytics solution like Google.
    If you're interested, please feel free to sign up here to get started! Would love your feedback either way. You can learn more by visiting our website https://www.roguelytics.com/ and/or shoot me an email at .

    Thanks all!

    Rachel G.
    Rachel Geraci, Oct 10, 2017 IP