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Official Oload.Net | ppd,pps,mix | Up To 150$ Bouns

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by hosny, Apr 30, 2016.

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    Hello digitalpoint uploaders,

    We are ready to to let you know that We are running a new FileHosting site, ( Oload.net )

    We have the Servers up already and have our doors open for Service. With an extended amount of storage space and generous bandwidth and speed.

    we are 2016's newest, and started with 5+ Staff to help and Response very fast. Plus 9 Technical Staff.. and We offer high rates. Plus Bounce For the 1st ( biggest 10 uploaders )

    Our main features are:-

    PPD Groups and prices.

    Our Country Groups


    Pay Per Sale (PPS)
    No limits, you get 75% of the purchased premium accounts + 20% from rebills.

    Mixed (PPD+PPS)

    35% PPD + 35%PPS + 10% from rebills.

    We Pay Weekly Via: "WebMoney,Skrill, paypal, Neteller, payonner and Payza"

    Now .. Choose the best way for you're self .. and Start Earn you're money, then GET PAID FAST.

    download speed?
    Unlimited For the next month for all after sometime will be:
    For guests (free) - 100 kb/s
    For signed in (free) - 200 kb/s
    Premium -Unlimited

    We Also running Offers :

    Group "A" Traffic :
    50k downloads = 70$ Bouns $
    100k downloads = 150$ Bouns
    Group "B" Traffic :
    50k downloads = 40$ Bouns
    100k downloads = 75 $ Bouns
    Group "C" Traffic :
    50k downloads = 25 $ Bouns
    100k downloads = 50$ Bouns
    Group "D" Traffic :
    100k downloads = 25 $ Bouns


    - Minimum payout amount is $25.
    - Profit mode can be changed one time every 10 days.
    - Payment usually done within 5 business days.
    - Multiple downloads from same IP counted.
    - There is 5% withdrawal fees.
    - We review all downloads before payment.
    - Multiple accounts will be banned without any warning.
    - Shared accounts will be banned without any warning.
    - Cheeting or make illegal earning will cause account termination.
    - We don't allow any adult porn material at all.
    - We have the right to change any rule of the above at any time.

    Our Skype: oload.net

    Contact us: oload@oload.net

    hosny, Apr 30, 2016 IP
  2. hosny

    hosny Active Member Affiliate Manager

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    Thanks for all uploaders who joined our programs, and hope to see new big uploaders using our services very soon.

    we also have a webmasters offers who can earn upto 25% by useing our services.

    hosny, May 6, 2016 IP