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Old vs. New for Business Site - Is it an improvement?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by jhmattern, Aug 25, 2006.

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    I just hated the blue in the original one (the logo in the old design was just a placeholder btw... but I'll likely keep the one in the new design if I stick with it). So I decided to change it completely on a whim. Is it better?

    Old Design
    New Design

    1. Blue changed to a red and black color scheme
    2. Right column gray background removed (white now)
    3. New logo.

    Should I stick w/ the new one from an aesthetic pov, or should I work with the blue one and see if I can improve upon it? How do you feel about the red and black for a business site? Do you think it's overdone?


    jhmattern, Aug 25, 2006 IP
  2. iowadawg

    iowadawg Prominent Member

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    The new design, colors and the pictures are more appealing to me.
    Very visually entertaining and looks so much better than the old.
    If a business site, the google adsense link ads at the top really should go away and leave just the black line.

    iowadawg, Aug 25, 2006 IP
  3. sebastya

    sebastya Well-Known Member

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    New one is 10 times better :)
    sebastya, Aug 25, 2006 IP
  4. jhmattern

    jhmattern Illustrious Member

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    Right now the link unit is getting most of the ad clicks, but I'll consider removing it once it's actually launched if other things start earning enough to make up for it. Or is there someplace else you think a link unit would work. This has just been the most successful area I've tried.

    A friend also recently left the same content network, and we worked together on altering the general template to fit our needs, and chose our own color schemes and such. She's turning hers into a content network of its own, and already recruited several writers to manage sites there. I may eventually do the same when I have things settled in, because there are several more topic sites I want added anyway. In that case, I'd be leaving the adsense places (except the top banner, where I'd rotate my own) to the writer so they could earn some money. So I also don't want to limit options too much right now until I decide if I'm going to do that or not.

    I appreciate the feedback. :) Right now things look a bit text-based, and I'm hoping to add some more visual interest. Do you think allowing the top banner to be both text and images might help occasionally w/ image ads? Is there someplace else you think images might help?

    Thanks. :)

    jhmattern, Aug 26, 2006 IP