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Selling Old Edition Google News Approved Site and it is also approved in Flipboard, News360.com, Apple News.

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Mani Teja, May 1, 2021.

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    Today I’m going to list a “Google News Approved Website” (Old Edition) for sale.

    What is Google News?

    I’m sure that you have seen results from Google News when performing searches in Google. Actually, Google shows results from its different indexes (from videos to images) for users’ queries. One of these indexes is Google News. By having a Google News-listed website, you will have a chance for getting ranked on the first page of SERPs. That’s not all, you will be even ranked first because Google usually shows results from Google News higher than other results.

    What is old edition Google News?

    On December 12th, 2019 Google has updated Google News Publisher Center. Now Google is not taking any applications for news inclusions i.e. inclusion in the news section of Google. So, now nearly not possible to include the new website in the Google Search News tab.

    So what’s the potential?

    It’s unlimited. Many giant publishers are depended to the traffic coming from Google News. Google News sites are capable of receiving thousands of unique visitors per day from highly target keywords. By publishing more articles you will be able to receive more traffic, which means more revenue at the end.

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    Last 12 Monts Revenue
    Apr 21
    Mar 21 $198
    Feb 21 $189
    Jan 21 $206
    Dec 20 $224
    Nov 20 $230
    Oct 20 $204
    Sep 20 $193
    Aug 20 $178
    Jul 20 $192
    Jun 20 $181
    May 20 $185
    Is it approved anywhere else than Google News?

    Yes, This website was approved in News360.com, Flipboard, Apple News. You have to just start publishing the articles to drive the traffic.

    Can I resell this website later for profit?

    Just have a look at other live listings in of Old Google News approved sites they sell for over $3000 - $4000 without any traffic or revenue.

    What about SEO?

    We know that it costs a lot to get a website ranked for a competitive keyword. After buying this website, you can save all SEO costs. Google will automatically rank your articles higher than other results. What’s more, if you write articles, other blogs and people will link back to your article. So you will receive tens of high-quality backlinks from other real websites without paying any penny.

    How much is the current expense?

    It’s nothing more than the hosting price. However, you need to publish articles in order to make money. As mentioned earlier, more articles will drive more traffic and consequently, you will make more money in the end. So there is a big room for your investment. Finally, you will find that all investments you put into this kind of website have positive ROI and they are risk-free. I am able to provide the list of great Indian and Philippine writers who charge tiny money for creating wonderful articles.

    Reason for Traffic Drop?

    For the last 1 year, I am unable to give my time to this website, there is a traffic drop. Once you start giving time and publish the news articles you will see a gain in traffic.

    How much time does it take to manage and update this website?

    First of all you can hire great writers for as low as $2 per quality article. So you will only need to insert the posts, titles, possible images and press the publish button. However, you can grant full access to your writers and they will take care of the rest. In general, you can manage this website if you allocate 4 hours a week to its operation.

    What’s the niche of this website?

    It is in a general niche. It’s good to know that this website includes categories from sports to politics and tech. Importantly it was approved in Google News old edition as is. Nowadays, it's really very hard to get a general news website listed in Google News. So you can write and publish articles in almost all available niches. In the end, you will be able to find the best niches that suit you and your passion.


    All the backlinks on this website are organic and I dint;t even spent $1 for building backlinks. The main advantage of Old Google News sites are you will be getting organic backlinks if you start publishing news articles.


    • Turn this website into an Affiliate Site
    Tip: Old Google News sites have huge potential in Affiliate marketing. Start posting Affiliate articles and also write any News article related to that affiliate post, interlink them. You will get getting backlinks to the news article.

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    • Improve Affiliate Current Marketing Efforts
    Business Strengths
    • Keywords Ranking
    • Evergreen Niche
    • High-Profit Margins
    • Low Time Commitment Required
    • Passive Revenue
    Is there any after-sale support?

    Yes. Not only will I help you in transferring the website to your own Webhosting service, but I will always be available to reply to your questions about the operation of this website. So, don't worry about that. Unlike other sellers, I won't disappear after selling my property.

    Why I am selling this?

    I got busy in my full-time job and also collecting money for medical expenses, have no time to publish news articles. Once you start publishing the articles traffic will be boosted automatically.

    Fees and payment methods:

    At this time, I’m able to accept Escrow. The fees of Escrow.com will be divided between buyer and seller.

    Anymore Sites?

    I also have one more site Newsni.com (Old Google News approved website)

    Articles in the newsni.com, We bought a license from AFP news agency where they will publish news articles and they have tied up with Google if we face any issues they will take care.

    If you need both sites Clickitornot.com + Newsni.com, then I would like to sell it for $15000 for both

    Newsni . com is registered in 2019 currently it does not have any traffic.
    Mani Teja, May 1, 2021 IP