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[Official Thread] DigitalPoint's Official DIGG Group!

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by iDotya, May 19, 2009.

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    What is the DigitalPoint Official DIGG Group(DPODG)?
    The DPODG is a group for members of DigitalPoint to help each other members websites by "digging" their submitted articles.

    How do you join the DPODG?
    To become apart of the DPODG all you have to do is post in this thread!

    How does it work?
    Members of DigitalPoint must post the link to their submitted digg article.
    For example: Then each member must visit THIS webpage; once you are there you will see a Digg widget. Members must digg all the articles shown in the widget; in return the articles you post will be added to the widget allowing your article to be dugg by others as well.

    Get Started!
    1. Post your Digg article links
    2. Visit http://moviereviewspro.com/digg.html
    3. Digg all the articles in the Digg widget of that webpage
    iDotya, May 19, 2009 IP
  2. magda

    magda Notable Member

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    Not allowed in DP
    "Stumbles / Diggs / Social Bookmarking / Social Networking
    Allowed: none
    Not allowed: No buying or selling of services; no exchanges; no freebies. (This also includes microblogging services like Twitter, Tumblr, Spoink, etc. or any other social network)" http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=757045
    magda, May 19, 2009 IP
  3. Ugluk1000

    Ugluk1000 Peon

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    Aw. What a shame, its obviously iDotya put so much time into this!
    Ugluk1000, May 20, 2009 IP
  4. iDotya

    iDotya Active Member

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    Oh dang. Didn't read the rules. Well I guess I will here from you guys some other time... Assuming I will be banned by the end of the day.
    iDotya, May 20, 2009 IP