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Now What

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Nicholas Pope, Aug 25, 2016.

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    I am officially stuck.... :( a couple of years ago i had a couple of directory websites which i really enjoyed working on but with all the negative energy directories were getting i decided to chuck them in. Now I am starting over with a blog http://NicholasPope.net ....but there is one small problem, I have never been much of a writer, my plan was just to talk about things that I like, examples: Movies, gaming, conspiracies and the universe. But where do I begin :(

    In a way directories were easy but I think blogging would be more fun, any help or motivation and ideas are welcome, help me out guys.
    Nicholas Pope, Aug 25, 2016 IP
  2. Patricia Ann Lee

    Patricia Ann Lee Active Member

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    Same here, but I chose a topic that I am passionate about, something that I enjoy and that is Traveling.
    English is not my mother tongue but what I enjoy about writing is that I'm just sharing my adventures and telling stories.
    My family and my friends are my first readers, you can get opinion from them.
    Patricia Ann Lee, Aug 25, 2016 IP
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  3. SEOPearl

    SEOPearl Active Member

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    Blogging is the good idea. I can suggest you to pick the movie niche for sure because you'll get more visitors if you're writing an interesting contents about the movie and titbits etc., The news from the movies are always welcome for any audiences. Maximum number of audience read to gossips. So add the gossip contents as well to get the good engagement of your blog.
    SEOPearl, Aug 26, 2016 IP
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