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:=: Now Handover Your Blogs To Us :=: Monthly Blog Promotional Packages :=:

Discussion in 'Services' started by wrestler, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Monthly Blog Promotional Package To Regularize Your Blogging​

    Importance of Link Building

    In the fast growing Web 2.0 world, links have become increasingly important. We know that links play a vital role in the development of a website. Link Popularity holds a major role in a ranking strategy. It refers to the number of ways in which your site's link is popular across the Internet. Generally link juice and link reputation are the terms associated with link popularity.

    Link Building is a time consuming process. It should be thought of as a long term goal. An effort made by you today will result in better search engine rankings for tomorrow.

    Implementing proper search engine optimization (SEO) and link building marketing campaign is the only means to get higher search engine positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    Importance of Regular Blog Updates

    If you are a website owner, you have probably heard that you need to make regular updates to your website. It is actually very important to keep your website filled with brand new content that is informative to your visitors. When you update your site regularly with new content, you are going to perform better in the search engine rankings. The search engines favors fresh content and will visit your site more often if it knows that you keep your site updated. If the search engines visit your site time after time and no new content has been added or updated, you are going to see a decrease in the number of times per month your site is getting indexed. Its common thinking that if we regularize anything and stick with plans, it will pay off to you really fast.

    When thinking about updating your website, you need to think of the ways that you can update your content as well as link building campaigns. If you cannot be able to manage time or if you are so busy then our service is exactly for you.

    Our Company’s Strategies

    SEO services of our company analyzes and finds out most suitable keyword phrases for your website, optimize website content and actively improve link popularity of your website. Eventually, our search engine optimization service helps your website to get many high search engine ranking across search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. We only adopt ethical search engine optimization skills to optimize website.

    You are 100% safe to use our SEO services without worrying because we only do manual work. This is completely manual at cheapest cost. Purpose is only to rank better in Search Engines and consistent to grow your blog/website.

    Our way of Working

    Our complete Web promotional Services coming from

    Articles ============ Article writing & Publishing

    Press Release ============ Press Release writing & Distribution

    Web 2.0 SMO Services ============ Wiki,hub,Wetpaint,Squidoo,Google knol

    Oneway Links ============ Directories,Niche directories & Classifieds Submissions

    Blog Reviews ============ Blog Reviews Writing & Publishing

    Social Bookmarking ============ Bookmarking in Best Public Sites

    Blog Commenting ============ Discuss opinions in other related Dofollow blogs

    Forum Posting ============ Discuss opinions in other related Forums

    Step by Step Procedure:

    * Client Website Review - Collect targeted Keywords, deeplinks from client web-page.

    * Content Writing & Review - Writing Articles, Press Release, Web 2.0 Contents and submit to client for The "content review"
    -- Website/Blog Content will be unique and uploaded on your Blog as a draft. You will review it and publish it when you like.

    * We will create unique Gmail account and validate all account Details.

    * Content Distribution: Distribute Press Release and articles to relevant PR, article directories

    * Link Submissions: Submit Homepage links and Deep links to directories, niche directories submissions [Multiples titles, links, descriptions Allowed]

    * Verify Submissions & Create reports: Project Manager will Verify all submissions with submitters reports after that split all reports with one campaign.

    * You will see instant traffic boost in your work even before we submit you reports.

    Our Packages:
    Our Commitments

    - We'll use original content for Blog Postings as well as for Article and Press Release Submissions.
    -- We will not write simple crafted articles without any headlines and all that. They will be "How-To" "List" "Review Articles that will bring lot of natural traffic to your site.
    -- Will use Pictures and Videos in Blog Postings if necessary.
    -- Blog Posting Contents will be 300-1000 Words long with so much interesting information.
    -- After writing the posts, we will submit them to your blog as a draft, you can review the content and publish them when you like.

    - 100% Handpicked Manual Submissions - We do not use any Automated, bot softwares for submissions.

    - 100% Relevant Standard Distribution - We will submit your work to best categories to provide you best results.

    - 100% Confirm Your Submissions - We will click each and every Web and Article Directory , PR sites approval mails.

    - 100% dedicated Work - Our results are measurable and our clients enjoy high ROI -(Return-on-Investment).

    - Will send you reports after 15 days OR on Monthly basis as you like.


    We believe in quality work and we know we only do manual and effective work, so we are not scare from giving review prices at cheap rates. You can also check our iTradars, they show you about us.

    You know we are not selling any E-book or already created things so you have to pay atleast something for our office electricity and Internet connection bills. :)

    :=: First 2 Will Get At 25% Discount - Any Package For 1st Month :=:

    :=: Next 2 Will Get At 15% Discount - Any Package For 1st Month :=:​

    wrestler, Jan 26, 2010 IP
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    i need review copy let me know if we are satisfied than we will carry on to further order.
    nationhealth, Jan 26, 2010 IP
  3. adil majeed

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    I always want to get this type of service. I mean people work for me on regular basis long term So I'll just check my balance everyday and that's it. Now I'm really happy bcz I hire the staff that is really easy to communicate and they are expert in their niche. My Blogs are running very nice and now I can say that I'm tension free now
    adil majeed, Feb 13, 2010 IP
  4. wrestler

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    Thanks Mr. Adil for recommending us. Your words are so sweet just like you. :)
    Doing great business with you and will like to do as long as possible.
    wrestler, Feb 28, 2010 IP