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Selling NouvPub advertising software | Has made $1027 profit | 1 million visits | Please read description

Discussion in 'Sites' started by BloomANetwork, Apr 18, 2019.

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    There are two parts to this software, first there is the advertising software, which we call "NouvPub". This is distributed through the Nouvpub.com domain, whenever a user has NouvPub installed on their computer, it will open up a browser window every set amount of minutes. This browser window will go straight to our NouvPub redirect link, which redirects the user to whatever link the NouvPub redirect page is set to change into. So as an example as of right now, the NouvPub link redirects the user onto one out of four different websites Dailyarchi.com, Dailyawwh.com, Dailycoool.com or Dailyphotoo.com
    This could be changed, so that the NouvPub redirect site, would redirect to any other website.

    Then there is the Infinicladads(ICA) brand of the software. Whenever the software is installed, it also creates a call to action button, which tells the user that they can remove the advertising software by clicking the button. When a user clicks this button, it then takes them to a fixed Google search, with "infinicladads" in the search field. We then have a pre landing site, which is at the top of the search ranks, showing how to remove the software. This pre lander links to a ICA removal software, which completely deletes the NouvPub advertising software and thus the user won't recieve any more advertising. This ICA removal software costs $45 for the user to purchase.

    Because of this there are two different earning methods to the whole setup. However as of right now, only the ICA removal method is the one being used. As the advertising part, has only been used to advertise our own offers. But keep reading for more information on what can be done with the advertising part, which initially was the whole idea of the software.

    Software advertising/distribution method: So far the software has been distributed through a PPI network, which is a "Pay Per Install" network. What they do is bundle ones software with other businesses software. So when people download and install the other programs, the NouvPub software is downloaded along side, if a checkbox isn't unchecked. This distribution method has been around for a long time, an example which most people most likely know of, is when an anti virus software is installed along side a piece of Adobe software. This is the same concept, just at a slightly smaller scale which of course can be scaled up when needed.

    While the purpose is to advertise to people and get people to buy the removal software, it is completely possible to remove the software without buying the removal software. However for the ones who cant figure out how to do it, they most oftenly get the removal software.

    How it makes money:

    There are two aspects of earnings, there is the current earning method and potential earning method, as mentioned above.

    Current earning method:
    whenever the NouvPub software is installed on a users PC, there is a call to action button. This button can be clicked by the user and it will take them to a link in a new browser, which has a site explaining the NouvPub removal software. This explanation site, then links to the site, where the NouvPub removal software can be bought. The price for this NouvPub remover is $45 which is how the whole setup initially makes sales money.

    Potential earning method:
    This was always the purpose of the software, however it was never actually implemented and only used for own product/offer promotion. As the software is built to show a browser pop up every set amount of time, it can then instead of being ones own product, be promoting other businesses offers. Thus it's possible to make even more money and thus make money from users, even if they don't buy a removal software.

    In terms of traffic for this potential earning method, please have a look at the Statcounter images in the attachments, to see the currently reached traffic amount.
    With only 3633 installations it has been possible to reach 950k website views with 56k user sessions. So lets say you start offering ads at the price of $1-2 per CPM(thousand views), it would be possible to quickly increase earnings much further.

    Current earnings:

    Up until now there has been spent $98 in marketing, the kind of marketing is pay per install (PPI), which is basically how we get the software installed on peoples computers, as explained above. With the $98 we were able to get 3633 successful installations, as can be seen in the PPI Installation stats image in the attachments.

    From those 3633 installations 25 people have converted and bought a removal software, which costs $45 a piece, so a total of $1125 has been made minus the $98 so a total of $1027 profit.


    - NouvPub.com (domain with source code for website) (This is the actual site for NouvPub, from where it is getting distributed)

    - Removeinfinicladads.com (domain with source code for website) (This is where the user buys the removal software)

    - Infinicladadsnews.com (domain with source code for website) (This is the pre lander promoting/explaining the removal software)

    - Dailyarchi.com (domain with source code for website) (This is one of the advertising websites the NouvPub redirect links to)

    - Dailyawwh.com (domain with source code for website) (This is one of the advertising websites the NouvPub redirect links to)

    - Dailycoool.com (domain with source code for website) (This is one of the advertising websites the NouvPub redirect links to)

    - Dailyphotoo.com (domain with source code for website) (This is one of the advertising websites the NouvPub redirect links to)

    - NouvPub(advertising) Software (source code and everything) (The software is coded in Java)

    - Removal Software (source code and everything) (The software is coded in Java)

    - PPI advertising guide and potential expansion plan to more PPI networks.

    - Setup support, any help necessary to get you setup once the transaction has finished.

    Future potential:

    As mentioned above there is the potential of also starting to use it for advertising for other people and their businesses. A setup could be, where you would charge a fixed amount of money, to have a campaign running for set amount of time. Or it could also be made on a CPM basis, where you would charge a set CPM (cost per thousand views) for showing other peoples ads.

    This would greatly increase the amount of potential earnings, as you could have thousands upon thousands of views daily on all kinds of campaigns.

    Another future potential, would be to increase the PPI advertising substantially, which should result in more people buying the removal software and thus increase the earnings.

    Advertising expansion case:

    To fully understand what could be possible, if the advertising part of the software would be expanded into being CPM based and advertising for other businesses, here is a case. With $98 we have gathered about 3600 downloads as mentioned, which gathers about 300-400k views a month. If then you would start advertising for other businesses and charge a CPM of let's say $1 you would make $300 - $400 a month from that advertising alone. Now lets say you spent $1000 on getting more installs you would get about 36.000 successful installations, which would then mean instead of 300k views a month you would be getting 3 million views a month which means instead of $300 you would be making $3000 a month. And this could go on, depending on the amount invested. And this is of course without considering the earnings you would at the same time get from the removal software sales.
    Of course this is just a case, but it is important to understand the scale that this software could be taken to, if both the earning method of the removal software and the earning method of the advertising software were to be taken into use at the same time.
    Reason for sale:

    It was all built while at the same time working on a bigger project and now the bigger project is starting to take off. Thus the time for this project is limited.


    Because the nature of the software is advertising, there can be complaints. However so far, there has only been two different users, who has messaged us and that was just for help getting it removed. In which case they of course did get free help.

    Another important thing to note, is the fact that the advertising market is always changing and especially in the case of PPI advertising. We can't guarantee that the price per install will stay the same, or whether different networks will charge different prices. Thus future revenue and profit margins might be different.

    Image attachments for proof and statistics:
    PPI network installation stats: https://prnt.sc/nduv35
    Stripe dashboard: https://prnt.sc/nduva8
    Stripe payments 1: https://prnt.sc/nduvct
    Stripe payments 2: https://prnt.sc/nduvgn
    NouvPub redirect traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvoz
    Infinicladadsnews traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvrs
    Removeinfinicladads traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvlv
    Dailyphotoo traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvu8
    Dailycoool traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvwf
    Dailyawwh traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduvym
    Dailyarchi traffic stats: https://prnt.sc/nduw1i

    Contact: If you are interested, want to make an offer or just have questions. Please either leave a reply, send me a private message, contact me through Skype username BloomingAidAffs or through Discord username BloomANetwork#8945
    Thank you for your time.
    BloomANetwork, Apr 18, 2019 IP