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Not sure where to start in clickbank ? tips from a Affiliate with real world examples

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by wtg, Nov 21, 2012.

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    In Adword section, Someone was asking a very common question about Click-bank.

    #1. Whether to send traffic to the sales page or not. And
    #2. How to get started if i dont have a website.

    Being a Clickabnk affiliate for almost an year now and split testings I know some facts which worked for me, At the same time I know when i was knew finding informaion about how to get started or even a single real world website was hard like anything. No one wished to share his website with me simply because i was new and Very much to copy everything from him including his product., now no ones wants one more competition so why would they share with me.
    Been there, felt that and Now since I figured those things out, I am here with you to share them so you dont face the same things which I faced. That's the meaning of a community isn't ? Back to track. let's see what he asked .

    Clickbank has been known to NOT to work well with direct linking. these products are much of needs a pre-sale warm up which first builds trust and then helps buyer to convince that this product does work..(Personal experience as a Adwords Advertiser and Clickbank affiliate ).. I always had a better convert rate and less CPC when sending the traffic to my review page rather then sending directly to the sales page with my affiliate link. Few products simply didn't made any sale when sent the traffic to sales page directly with super relevent keywords but as a split test result when directed the traffic throug a review page, i was able to get 45% more on my investment .

    That pre-selling can be done in many ways.. Let me put something which i tried myself and worked for me...some of them will need a website some will not.

    1. A Review of the product : the most common one . you simply write a review of the product (Use it yourself first) and then at the end directs the user to the vendor site to know more about what is in for them. An example review if you wanna see can be found on my old windows blog. "Web Search redirect to other sites… What I Did to fix it"

    Few things You have to keep in mind while writing a review or story type is

    1. 1. Make sure the site does not sound like made for the sake of reviewing the product. It should more like a normal blog where a normal human being is telling how this product helped him. While its not what a large majority of marketers does but for me its proven to have better conversion rates then using a standalone site just for that product.
    2. 2. Your review should no where sound like a selling pitch , rather it should be a normal product information. Leave the selling thing to the Product vendor. If his sales page is not good Leave it and move on. (Unless you can write a better one, in that case write a sales page on another domain, ask the vendor to give you a direct link to payment page).
    3. 3. put your Author bio along with a profile pic somewhere on the review page (In Sidebar) . Does not matter whether you belong to india or you are black. if you provide quality your look does not matter but it does builds a trust that this guy is for real.
    4. 4. DO NOT put that product banners or Ads on your review page as advertiser spouncer or any of that sort. it simply tell a visitor that the review is not for real but a made up thing. Happans all the time. If you do, dont cry later on that your page does not convert well or simply the product does not work. its your mistake.

    You dont need a website to do this type of review to start with.you can use a clean blogspot sub-domain for this. Once you make few sales go for a new domain and owned website. it will be a toally worthy investment.

    2. A Product Comparison : Another way to promote clickbank or affiliate products are the comparison. You take few products from a niche,put them side by side and compares them. gives your recommendation and value for money for each of them. You can take a look at an example site here "SWTOR GUIDES". This one of mine was promoting one of the hot products and gave me lots of cash. Traffic came from PPC and converted like anything. Again few points to remember while doing a comparison bases review.

    1. 1. it should be a Review. Not a sales page. The same rule applies here as well. You dont need a copyrighting ninja to write it for you.
    2. 2. Check the products yourself and give ratings to them.
    3. 3. You can use a product specific domain or site in this case. since you are comparing more than one product, you can put sidebar ads and put it as a recommendation. these type of sites usually smells like a made for product site so its OK to be shady as long as you are giving the review correctly and the information they need.
    4. 4. having few blog posts releted to that topic or niche as blog posts does help a little. Not too much but not too less as well. Worth the time. (You can simply coppy paste the articles vendor gives you and no follow- no index it. In my case i usally dont depend on Search engine traffic so i dont mind simply copying pasting as it is.

    3. Video review : Another great money maker and You dont even need a website for this. You can grab the video from the vendor (Most of them have it) and edit it to make it yours. Or do a review yourself if you dont mind coming infront of camera. Few things you should take care of while reviewing video is basic youtube SEO.

    I wont be talking on youtube SEO much, I am not expert or experienced too much in that.I just do the basics and it works for me.. One thing about video review is , you can easily prmote it using youtube ads at cheap rate and it does converts.

    Well it was a long one but was it a worthy a read. What say ?

    Disclamier : I have gave example of my own sites which I think is OK to share and get ripped off (there are many to do so ) Feel free Man if it helpes you make something . In real world no one shares his affiliate or niche sites. You are free to copy ideas , the way or even the themes or texts snippts i used on them. Feel free to do whatever you want if it helps you make some bucks out of it (DOn't hack them).
    wtg, Nov 21, 2012 IP
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  2. ninjamtlt1

    ninjamtlt1 Active Member

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    It seems that the best way to do it is to link directly to your squeeze page and capture emails, then build a relationship, presell, etc. That's what super affiliates do :)
    ninjamtlt1, Dec 2, 2012 IP
  3. wulfgar2012

    wulfgar2012 Peon

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    hey , thanks for the info , I've been reading a lot of posts and its just like you mention , most people don't show examples of what to do because they don't want others to copy their site.
    This helps a lot since I now have a better idea of how a successful model that converts works.
    wulfgar2012, Dec 2, 2012 IP
  4. sharppotato

    sharppotato Greenhorn

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    Thanks for the help, trying to find a nice method that works.
    sharppotato, Dec 8, 2012 IP