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North Korea: First Strike!

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by dscurlock, Jul 6, 2017.

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    It seems like this boy-child dictator of North Korea has no clue what he is getting
    into, and it seems when any dictator starts asking like this idiot, then they think "I
    can take on anyone" In almost every case, it always seems there is some type of
    mental instability with dictators, and I simply do not understand, some of these
    past dictators were very wealthy, and only if they had kept to themselves, then
    the US would have never had to chase them down, blow them up, etc....

    and I am not sure why the US is playing this game called Russian roulette
    with this boy-child dictator. Every time a missile is fired, it seems to be
    getting stronger, going further, and getting closer to the US each time...

    It is very clear this dictator wants to provoke a response, almost as if he
    is just inching to go to war, and I am not sure what this little boy is thinking;
    I just do not think it will be a good outcome for him, or North Korea....

    There is no reasoning with this dictator, and the problem is, does a
    missile have to hit another country or even the US before immediate
    action is taken to shut down his missile program, and chase him out like
    the US has done to dictators in the past. Once you get this boy-dictator
    out of his comfort zone, then he will be hung, or shot by his own people....

    If he does manage to target a missile toward Seattle, then I guarantee
    you that he will not be aiming for some poor neighborhood, he will
    target something worth while, and if his missile does hit, then I
    certainly guarantee you that it will be another 9/11, and whats
    worse? The govt knew 9/11 was in the works, and did nothing....

    In this case, the govt cant claim they didnt see it coming....
    You do not fire missiles just for fun; You fire missiles in order to
    test them so you can prepare to do something very bad....
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
    dscurlock, Jul 6, 2017 IP
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  2. Barti1987

    Barti1987 Well-Known Member

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    He knows our president isn't going to do squat. With China/Russia backing, there is nothing Trump can do. Unless they do something major like attack another country, they can make nukes and Trump won't do nothing about it. The same story is true in Syria as well.

    It sucks, but that is the reality.
    Barti1987, Jul 6, 2017 IP