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Noob question about software and hosting

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Jzig, Mar 2, 2014.

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    Hi everyone

    I'm a total noob with a great idea for a forum.
    While I have lots of experience in reading forums and I am excellent with a computer I have no programming or website design experience at all. I am good with Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier, After effects and own the master collection. I do learn computers concepts and specific programs very quickly.

    1. The individuals that will be attracted to the forum for the most part not be that tech savy.
    2. I anticipate having 10 - 40 people a day visiting the forums to start with the intention of it increasing significantly.
    3. Having my own advertising and monetization is key. I will mostly use one of the banner services but would like to be able to determine the advertisements.
    4. I would like it to be similar to a site I frequent that "Talks about Dashcams" in that the have their own blog/review page and the supporting forums. (My idea is not related to dashcams or electronics)
    5. I would prefer forum software that less code based and more noob user friendly. I would like to launch the site this week

    Specifically I am looking for a suggestion for software and hosting but would appreciate and other advice.

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    Jzig, Mar 2, 2014 IP
  2. RobinInTexas

    RobinInTexas Active Member

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    You could have a forum up and running in a day or so. I am going to suggest some sites, they are ones I use and recommend. If you have 10 other people make recommendations, you will get other recommendations, if you substitute where you buy, the steps will remain pretty much the same, I know from experience these suggestions will work and I don't get paid for the referrals.
    First purchase a domain name at http://www.name.com that's around $10
    Then purchase hosting at https://glowhost.com/ that will cost $8.95 for a month or $6.95 x 12 for a year or $4.95 x 24 for 2 years.
    Then you have to set up your DNS entry at Name.com to the nameservers according to what Glowhost tells you.
    If it's a new domain, once you have done that, go back to Glowhost and log in to your control panel and there is a selection called Softaculous that will automagically install the software for MyBB which is the most highly recommended forum software. http://www.forum-software.org/
    RobinInTexas, Mar 2, 2014 IP