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Nine9Ads.com Official Thread (Exit Intent Ad Network)

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by Raymond M, Sep 19, 2018.

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    My name is Raymond M and in this post I would like to introduce you to an Exit Intent Ad Network - Nine9Ads.com

    I will talk about what exit intent ads are, how they work and for those who would like to try us, I will review some of the best practices our advertisers found using our network.

    There are CPA affiliates who are spending over $500 a day scaling their campaigns on our network. We will take a look into that as well.

    What are Exit Intent Ads and how they work?

    Exit Intent Ads appear when a visitor is trying to exit a site. Basically when you are moving your mouse up to the close button, an ad window will appear on the screen.


    One of the biggest pros of these kind of ads is that the exit technology makes sure that the traffic you are getting is real and there’s is almost no way to fake it,

    It’s like pop up ads, except the window will appear on the exit.

    Most popular campaigns that advertisers push on our network.

    Here we will take a sneak peek into the longest running campaigns on nine9ads.com:

    1. Offer Walls.


    One of the most profitable exit ads our CPA and affiliate marketers run is by promoting a wall filled with different offers.

    Basically introducing 6 to 9 different CPA offers in one window.

    These kind of campaigns can be largely scaled with our traffic (they fit on all of our categories.)

    2. CPA email submits.

    $1 email submits are also very popular among our advertisers.


    CPA email submit offers convert any time a user submit their email address.
    Free offers, sweepstakes, lottery offers, dating offers, how to make money online offers do pretty good with exit intent ads.

    3. Adsense websites.

    To our surprise, lately we have found people doing traffic arbitrage by purchasing traffic on our network and promoting websites filled with Adsense or other high paying ads.


    4. Selling traffic.

    We have a few advertisers who own their own websites where they resell our traffic.

    What they do is simply get orders on their sites and buy traffic from us to sell for their clients.

    Highest converting verticals:

    free offers.
    make money
    free trials (weight loss, fitness, muscle products)

    CPM rates of our network?

    Right now our minimum deposit is just $5.

    CPM (1000 views) for US, UK, CA, AU, NZ is just $5.
    Raymond M, Sep 19, 2018 IP
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    nice, are you able to monetize MENA region?
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