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Nigel Lew Issue

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Matyy_22, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. leosummer

    leosummer Member

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    yes i agree
    leosummer, May 8, 2012 IP
  2. viceroid

    viceroid Active Member

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    ok, Nigel sent back $50 and we talked and he is not the enemy anymore. He still owes me $50 but Im pretty sure he will pay me as soon as he deals with his clients. So the cons are going to dissapear for him and im giving props becouse he actually is giving me a full refund with a lot of time in the middle, that sounds trustable
    viceroid, May 8, 2012 IP
  3. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew Notable Member

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    Ok. I have had an inordinate amount of time to mull this thread over. While accurate I still could frankly care less, it has gotten to point that most of my clients and my colleagues want to start replacing various home pages with pictures of their nutsack. So I will chime in before hand.

    I run a legit business. I do not do linkwheels, I do not do blog commenting, I do not arbitrarily "not do things" either. I am one of about 5 freaking people around here who actually knows what SEO is for that matter. It always astounds me to read the services section here because, the entire first 4 pages of threads are largely related to things that are an unmitigated scam, yet people are still dumb enough to pay for it.

    Why the hell someone would actually run a service to provide google+ services is beyond me because its entirely useless, does nothing for SEO and so on. That is just an example.....

    But I digress....

    At some juncture, I decided it behooved me to actually track what I am doing and keep some records. So... while it brings me no pleasure to do it, its time to put some foot to ass. But, before I get started, me and viceroid are good. He is a smart fellow and very interesting to talk to. I have no need to monkey with him and you should check his portfolio. He has some good stuff going on.

    Ok then.... Here is a typical digital point situation for me.

    I was charged with the task of porting this assholes site over to wordpress in its entirety http://www.furnacefiltercare.com in terms of random pages, he grossly misrepresented the job but no worries, I am a nice, easy going dude so its fine. I got it done for him.

    Here is what happens when I do the right thing. Take note, what I am posting was done in real time, on skype, on the fly what have you....

    [4/17/2012 4:39:56 PM] Nigel Lew: yeah for the time being I am not going to touch any php files, if I miss one it will still show up
    [4/17/2012 4:40:01 PM] Nigel Lew: just missing the header nav lol
    [4/17/2012 4:40:35 PM] Nigel Lew: rewrites will be done first though of course. I just have a range of stop gaps setup just in case
    [4/17/2012 4:41:14 PM] Don: 150 is the number i was thinking of with new header and everything. i realize it's a lot of work
    [4/17/2012 4:42:06 PM] Nigel Lew: that would be great. I only bring up 160 so I actually get 150 40 of that is going to istock photo so I can get 300 dpi images that way your print stuff can match the site. I can do brochures, rate cards, etc.
    [4/17/2012 4:43:11 PM] Nigel Lew: I also suggest getting some pens printed with your info on them. Here in Colorado you have to get beer etc. at the booze store. You take handfuls of them into any place that takes a credit card because folks walk off with them and they circulate themeselves
    [4/17/2012 4:44:11 PM] Nigel Lew: convenience stores etc. will always take a bunch pens at the register etc. Its pretty good offline marketing, really cheap and pretty much no work involved
    [4/17/2012 4:44:54 PM] Don: I don't do any off line stuff here in my local market. I'll have to keep that in mind, it's a good idea.
    [4/17/2012 4:45:24 PM] Nigel Lew: yeah its a no brainer really but I am also just thinking ahead for the actual biz, ecommerce shop etc.
    [4/17/2012 4:46:17 PM] Nigel Lew: granted I live in a ski resort but its actually way more bang for the buck to run a voice ad on the radio than it is to run a nice visual ad in the paper
    [4/17/2012 4:46:54 PM] Nigel Lew: they typically have the guy for the voicever/copywriter as well
    [4/17/2012 4:46:55 PM] Don: sounds like a nice place
    [4/17/2012 4:47:17 PM] Nigel Lew: aspen is ok but its not like it was, too many rich folks, it used to be all hippies
    [4/17/2012 4:47:48 PM] Don: I like hippies more than rich folks.
    [4/17/2012 4:48:07 PM] Nigel Lew: heh when your other optoin is rich guys in fur coats from texas certainly lol
    [4/17/2012 4:48:18 PM] Nigel Lew: summer is much nicer
    [4/17/2012 4:48:28 PM] Nigel Lew: tourists are fly fisherman and campers
    [4/17/2012 4:49:38 PM] Nigel Lew: although trout fishing out here is like golf, the trout are pretty smart lol
    [4/17/2012 4:51:05 PM] Nigel Lew: did I sent you an invoice for the deposit?
    [4/17/2012 4:51:26 PM] Nigel Lew: I can send one for the remainder real fast and i just need to make sure I have ftp/cpanel
    [4/17/2012 4:51:28 PM] Don: yes, a couple of weeks ago
    [4/17/2012 4:52:31 PM] Nigel Lew: I am just going to go ahead and rewrite the urls. I want this stuff up but you are welcome to hit me with change orders etc. tomorrow no charge on those at all
    [4/17/2012 4:53:03 PM] Nigel Lew: paypal is vincent something?
    [4/17/2012 4:53:13 PM] Nigel Lew: ?
    [4/17/2012 4:53:20 PM] Nigel Lew: oh, nope lol
    [4/17/2012 4:53:22 PM] Nigel Lew: same figure
    [4/17/2012 4:53:38 PM] Nigel Lew:
    [4/17/2012 4:53:45 PM] Nigel Lew: that is you correct?
    [4/17/2012 4:54:20 PM] Don: that
    [4/17/2012 4:54:26 PM] Don: that's it
    [4/17/2012 4:54:46 PM] Nigel Lew: ok sent
    [4/17/2012 4:56:46 PM] Nigel Lew: aside from eating something this stuff will be headed up in around 3 hours... that is likely a safe figure but I dont really need anything, if you want color changed etc. I can do that on the fly. I have your site on my server with a no index, no follow, no anything for the search engines so if we want to add an image slider and or make it 2 columns etc. we can fix things and then just upload the settings only to the live site so we will always have a test site to hammer on without messing up yours
    [4/17/2012 4:57:29 PM] Nigel Lew: never noticed it actually but you can export just the thesis settings and upload them to another thesis build
    [4/17/2012 4:59:24 PM] Nigel Lew: https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/account/cpanel
    [4/17/2012 4:59:48 PM] Nigel Lew: for the new database and again just to be safe I will need that password. I cant see anything important like credit card info or anything
    [4/17/2012 5:00:04 PM] Nigel Lew: FTP:
    Host - ftp.furnacefiltercare.com
    Port - 21
    Username - furnacef
    Password - *$mz^Sc8v3yE

    Username - PPHTWD533T2K
    Password - 4ZDL7Y1G2TUM
    [4/17/2012 5:00:10 PM] Nigel Lew: I am basically done with that info
    [4/17/2012 5:00:34 PM] Nigel Lew: it may be the same as ftp I will check
    [4/17/2012 5:01:25 PM] Nigel Lew: nevermind. I am in the control panel I am all set
    [4/17/2012 5:03:42 PM] Nigel Lew: brb one sec, someone at the door
    [4/17/2012 5:09:53 PM] Nigel Lew: ok I am back
    [4/17/2012 6:10:18 PM] Don: how is it coming along?
    [4/17/2012 6:24:56 PM] Nigel Lew: hi good, making a list of files so the rewrites go faster. My roomate has an 11 year old but he is stuck at work so I had to feed the little bugger real fast. I just got back
    [4/17/2012 6:25:55 PM] Nigel Lew: did you shoot that cash over by chance? I have to deal with istock tonight and my colleauge is bugging me for some hosting cash lol
    [4/17/2012 6:26:44 PM] Nigel Lew: and my only other question was I should remove privacy policy etc. from the left sidebar? Those are sorta hot topic items really
    [4/17/2012 6:26:58 PM] Nigel Lew: I can remove the blog categories from the bottom left if you want
    [4/17/2012 6:36:23 PM] Nigel Lew: cool I rememebered how to print out the names of all files in a given folder on my desktop that will speed things way up
    [4/17/2012 6:40:16 PM] Nigel Lew: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/q-and-a/
    [4/17/2012 6:40:38 PM] Nigel Lew: I can add that as well if you like, it would be a bit more polished
    [4/17/2012 6:43:33 PM] Nigel Lew: brb just a sec
    [4/17/2012 6:50:32 PM] Nigel Lew: ok I am here
    [4/17/2012 7:01:28 PM] Nigel Lew: ok working on rewrites and a few css things, your server is ready for me now as well just have to import the database
    [4/17/2012 7:15:56 PM] Nigel Lew: hey did you change a password somewhere. I just got kicked out of everything
    [4/17/2012 7:16:37 PM] Nigel Lew: someone did that password is no longer working
    [4/17/2012 7:19:38 PM] Nigel Lew: Login Failed
    [4/17/2012 7:19:42 PM] Nigel Lew: hey are you there
    [4/17/2012 7:25:42 PM] Nigel Lew: hey I need to grab a quick cig but dont run off. I have to figure out why I cant login into anything. i was just about done with the rewrites when I realized I may be able to do them all at once with one line of code..... figures. I am going to test that in a sec
    [4/17/2012 7:42:30 PM] Nigel Lew: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/redirect-all-pages-from-php-to-no-extension
    [4/17/2012 7:42:45 PM] Nigel Lew: dont mind that link working quickly I needed to paste myself a note
    [4/17/2012 7:54:30 PM] Nigel Lew: don?
    [4/17/2012 8:06:26 PM] Nigel Lew: Hey where did you go, I am stuck now. I need to get this done
    [4/17/2012 11:12:33 PM] Nigel Lew: hey I think I figured out the issue. I am fairly certain I got hit with a security feature basically. I may have to have you ring up your host real fast to resolve it but I am just about ready to go. I will swap out some color etc. first thing am and we can get it moved......
    [4/18/2012 9:51:14 AM] Nigel Lew: Hi donaldtm! What is up Don. I was in the middle of moving things, got booted out of the server and don't have you on skpye
    [4/18/2012 9:53:24 AM] Nigel Lew: Hi donaldtm! I’d like to add you on Skype. Nigel Lew
    [4/18/2012 12:26:01 PM] *** Call to Don, no answer. ***

    You can see the completed work here http://www.jnlew.com/clients/thesis and you can bet your ass its going to stay there.

    So, what is noteworthy here is that he quite clearly agreed on the price, confirmed his paypal info and resent his server info so I could move it. Unfettered truth here and no, I do not give a fuck that I just posted his server info, he changed it anyway while I was in the middle of moving it.

    I can do this for everyone in this thread, I am grown man so I typically just suck it up to digital point being a bit of a mess but those days are over.

    Once daily I am going to add to this thread with proof that its bullshit... Trust me kids, its much better than what will happen if I don't.

    And for the record, I cant hack my own website let alone your's ;)

    With that being said, I am not discouraged and still get more work from this thread than I would if I actually bid on stuff. My living is not made on digital point. I just like helping folks. I suppose that this bullshit keeps things a tad more entertaining though.

    And yes, I will be doing this for anyone who has something to say about me that is full of shit. No longer will I be a convenient sounding board for folks who have no earthly idea what they are doing.

    More tomorrow but as a quick aside, POPNYC and I were under contract, she did not have the rights to sell her interviews and it violated a range of copyright related matters. Not my problem, my contract clearly states that you have to own and or have permission to use the items you send me. I don't consider her criminal in nature, but she is certainly not too bright.

    See ya tomorrow when I will out someone else with their own words.

    Nigel Lew, May 8, 2012 IP
  4. sooner

    sooner Member

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    If you still need help let me know. Not collecting the money, but getting ranked in Google. I need a feel more references!

    sooner, May 8, 2012 IP
  5. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew Notable Member

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    If you are going to meddle in things that have nothing to do with you at least speak english please.

    Great, another spammer... you will fit right in here.. And FYI I did not give that guy his negative rep. do you know how hard it is to be that much of an asshat with no posts? You will..

    Nigel Lew, May 8, 2012 IP
  6. kulik

    kulik Member

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    That middle, not meddle, just so you know when telling someone to speak English correctly.

    This thread was a good read, not sure how anyone can have a business and be so unprofessional at the same time. Scammed or not, anyone reading this should reconsider doing business with someone who calls customers "asshat" or "full retard". That's a 43 year old man speaking by the way.
    kulik, May 8, 2012 IP
  7. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew Notable Member

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    Last edited: May 8, 2012
    Nigel Lew, May 8, 2012 IP
  8. kulik

    kulik Member

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    Got me, read wrong apologies. And nope, no need to clarify anything else you already clarified my point with more name calling.
    kulik, May 8, 2012 IP
  9. Nigel Lew

    Nigel Lew Notable Member

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    Nigel Lew, May 8, 2012 IP
  10. FloridaClay

    FloridaClay Active Member

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    Nigel is right, it's meddle (as in to stick your nose in to something that is none of your business) not middle.

    I've never used Nigel's service on a professional basis. However, I started a thread looking for a marketing/SEO expert and Nigel responded to that thread and communicated with me through PM. Nigel provided me with great ideas, links and advice. Not once did he ask for payment or try to sell me on his service. I'm not talking about stupid ideas and advice ("perform SEO, get some links, etc"), he provided a few long messages that were tailored to just my website/situation. In fact, he was communicating with me while also trying to take care of his regular customers.

    90% of the SEO "experts" around here all do the same old stuff that doesn't amount to anything. I think Nigel stated it best in a previous post in this thread: I do not do linkwheels, I do not do blog commenting, I do not arbitrarily "not do things" either. I am one of about 5 freaking people around here who actually knows what SEO is for that matter. It always astounds me to read the services section here because, the entire first 4 pages of threads are largely related to things that are an unmitigated scam, yet people are still dumb enough to pay for it.

    I've read nothing in this thread to indicate that Nigel is anything more than over extended, maybe a little under organized and too kind hearted.
    FloridaClay, May 8, 2012 IP
  11. JPMiddleton

    JPMiddleton Well-Known Member

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    I am so, so disappointed. I can't begin to describe.

    I have contacted you so many times to ask you for either a progress report or a refund. As a few other members have stated earlier in the thread you gave me cast iron guarantees if I didn't get a huge roi' you would give me a refund. Well as you know, I haven't seen the ROI , nor have I seen the report. You sent me one customer which I didn't provide a great service to I admit, but that is nowhere near the promise you made me. I feel like i'm chasing a ghost. The number of times you have said you will email me now is ridiculous.

    I have trusted you from day one, and i'm gutted because I actually still think you're a nice guy and I don't think you actually want to scam anyone. From the language you used to get me to pay upfront I would say sometimes it's a struggle for you to pay the rent, but come on man - we all need to live and work. I would really like a refund at this stage as I'm so worried about losing the $500 I invested.

    I haven't placed a PayPal dispute yet, but i'm willing to do so if I need to. Please Nigel, i'm asking politely and I'd appreciated a reply.
    JPMiddleton, May 12, 2012 IP
  12. kevydesigns

    kevydesigns Well-Known Member

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    This thread is very interesting.
    I hope everyone can get this all sorted out.
    kevydesigns, Jul 1, 2012 IP
  13. khai373

    khai373 Active Member

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    I think DP admin should ban the seller who has more than 5 negative iTrader
    khai373, Jul 2, 2012 IP
  14. khai373

    khai373 Active Member

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    and You can always open a case at Paypal, just screenshoot all your conversation, and what you have received, you will eventually get your money back, I know this because I have done these at least 5 times because of the scammers
    khai373, Jul 2, 2012 IP
  15. Musicinstant

    Musicinstant Active Member

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    I hired Nigel New on July 9th to work on a football site. It has been really painful dealing with this guy and has no idea how to talk nor communicate with his clients. We agree that I would pay $60 via Paypal upfront in which I did, and he would have the work done a week after. So after a week pass I constantly kept asking for updates and all he did was ignore me for several days and overall the experience has really been hectic. Not until July 20th I finally told him straight-up (after previously having many problems with him already which you will see when I post the chat log) I wanted a refund. Since than his been still messing around that he would refund me and I just grew tired of him. I unfortunately did a big mistake and not search his username on DP before hiring him. Now knowing that his been countless of times been pointed out as a scammer and I really don't know why he hasn't been ban yet. (http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2078098&page=4&highlight=report+scam)

    Chat Log: (From the point where problems started)

    [7/11/12 6:05:33 PM] Nigel Lew: hi, you will see some changes soon. I got a bunch of stuff out of the way finally. I have to hop in the shower real fast and then will be here working all night
    [7/11/12 7:57:21 PM] Nigel Lew: ok I have to move something real fast or fix it, not sure. i have a client site on the VPS that is crashing it every 5 minutes I can proceed until i fix it
    [7/11/12 7:57:31 PM] Nigel Lew: sorta bumming me out. I was working on the home page
    [7/11/12 7:57:58 PM] Nigel Lew: but will let you know when I get this off my server or fix it. I just sent him a few notes. I cant call him he is in Australia
    [7/11/12 8:00:09 PM] Fireimg: well can you refund me than and if I dont find someone by the time you fix it I can hire you again I just really need to find someone who has the time for this
    [7/11/12 8:00:29 PM] Nigel Lew: I do have time and more noteworthy we are on day 2 of a week
    [7/11/12 8:00:55 PM] Nigel Lew: I made it very clear how long this would take and so on and I dont have time to argue I have 30 different clients screaming at me at once
    [7/11/12 8:01:52 PM] Nigel Lew: I cant work on what will not load
    [7/11/12 8:02:12 PM] Fireimg: yeah but I need someone who can work that is what I am saying you just seem to be busy with other things all the time which is why I prefer just getting someone else
    [7/11/12 8:02:40 PM] Nigel Lew: I have already started this work dont screw with me please, if I was hosting your site you would want me fixing stuff
    [7/11/12 8:03:04 PM] Nigel Lew: so relax please, we are not even in the ballpark of nearing the end of when I said this would be done
    [7/11/12 8:03:26 PM] Fireimg: yesterday night you told me you would have much done by the time I got back which was suppose to be 4 hours ago
    [7/11/12 8:03:49 PM] Nigel Lew: dude, the server where its getting built is crashing every 5 minutes
    [7/11/12 8:04:01 PM] Nigel Lew: do you understand what that means?
    [7/11/12 8:04:31 PM] Fireimg: you told me that but it does not need to be hosted on your VPS there are thousands of free hostings out there
    [7/11/12 8:04:34 PM] Nigel Lew: I was working on the home page when the server died I am fixing it now
    [7/11/12 8:05:14 PM] Nigel Lew: look, when the server is working I will be fixing it and screw free hosting its worse than the problem I have currently
    [7/11/12 8:06:59 PM] Fireimg: the server not working properly isn't my problem so I don't see why it should affect me like I said refund me and I will find someone else if you get it fix before I do than I have no problem of hiring you again as long as your not going to tell me all the time your busy with other things and keep what you say
    [7/11/12 8:09:22 PM] Nigel Lew: I am not sending a refund on stuff that is grossly underbid already in motion and so on. I told you I was WORKING ON IT WHEN THE SERVER CRASHED
    [7/11/12 8:10:39 PM] Nigel Lew: dude I dont have time to argue with you. I things already running that are down
    [7/11/12 8:10:49 PM] Fireimg: well if you can't give me a refund than just be warm that I will have to take other actions the server seems to be up from what I see and if you say it's broken than like I said I can't do anything about it
    [7/11/12 8:11:37 PM] Nigel Lew: it takes 30 seconds t o load a page and then crashes entirely here is the note from hostgator (5:14:54pm)Charles C.:We have two support articles on that at http://support.hostgator.com/articl...cal/wordpress/w3-total-cache-wordpress-plugin and http://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/technical/wordpress/optimizing-wordpress
    [7/11/12 8:11:49 PM] Nigel Lew: Charles C.:Thank you. The culprit is the anfieldred.co.uk site. It is running a lot of processes and pushing the CPU load up. It looks like the site needs to be optimized.
    [7/11/12 8:12:09 PM] Nigel Lew: it is not working or I would still be working on your site. I told you this would take a week. we are on day 1.5
    [7/11/12 8:14:37 PM] Nigel Lew: did have a question though
    [7/11/12 8:15:21 PM] Fireimg: your didin't start working on the site until just now if you truely intended too which is not what you had told me since I got back home today and now your claiming something is wrong with your VPS so I propose to you either refund me or continue work on another server as it isn
    [7/11/12 8:15:27 PM] Fireimg: isn't fair for your client
    [7/11/12 8:16:14 PM] Nigel Lew: its going to be faster then starting over on my desktop and moving a bunch of stuff already running http://jnlew.com/clients/footy/ if you would be reasonable, which doesnt seem possible, you would take note the home page was already underway
    [7/11/12 8:16:20 PM] Nigel Lew: that assumes you have bothered to look at it
    [7/11/12 8:17:25 PM] Fireimg: its going to be faster fixing your server than uploading files somewhere else?
    [7/11/12 8:17:38 PM] Nigel Lew: that is correct
    [7/11/12 8:18:10 PM] Fireimg: so within an hour max I suppose it will be up?
    [7/11/12 8:18:34 PM] Nigel Lew: my colleauge is in australia I have already sent him 3 pms and an email I cant call australia
    [7/11/12 8:18:47 PM] Nigel Lew: he is online just not at his desk apparently
    [7/11/12 8:18:57 PM] Fireimg: so it isn't going to be faster fixing your server than uploading the files somewhere else
    [7/11/12 8:19:11 PM] Nigel Lew: I have answered that 3 times now
    [7/11/12 8:19:30 PM] Fireimg: yeah but you just said the opposite a secodn ago
    [7/11/12 8:19:32 PM] Fireimg: second*
    [7/11/12 8:19:45 PM] Nigel Lew: it is faster to fix the server, it is faster to fix the server
    [7/11/12 8:19:56 PM] Fireimg: it won't because there isn't anyone to do so
    [7/11/12 8:20:23 PM] Nigel Lew: its my VPS dude, I am done arguing about it I am trying to deal with it
    [7/11/12 8:21:29 PM] Nigel Lew: the longer you are completely insane, the longer its going to take as well. You just wasted 15 minutes being completely crazy. I told you this would take a week, I was hammering on it when the server crashed. I dont have time to keep repeating my self. I am sorry and not trying to be difficult but I am doing you a huge favor so please calm down
    [7/11/12 8:22:09 PM] Fireimg: you were doing me a favor I guess when I hired you but not how the progress has been
    [7/11/12 8:22:37 PM] Nigel Lew: 1.5 days of 7 bro calm down and let me fix it please
    [7/11/12 8:22:48 PM] Fireimg: and calling your client "insane" isn't going to help you much imo
    [7/11/12 8:23:02 PM] Nigel Lew: you are not reasonable
    [7/11/12 8:23:14 PM] Fireimg: and you are?
    [7/11/12 8:23:20 PM] Fireimg: am not being resonable because your not
    [7/11/12 8:23:23 PM] Nigel Lew: I am sitting here working on it. the server crashed I am fixing it as soon as you stop complaining
    [7/11/12 8:23:24 PM] Fireimg: that is how it works
    [7/11/12 8:23:55 PM] Nigel Lew: 1.5 days of 7 I am not obligated to be done
    [7/11/12 8:24:09 PM] Fireimg: i am going to give your chance and see how things go by tomorrow but if I don't see any progress done by than I will request me refund in full
    [7/11/12 8:24:34 PM] Nigel Lew: there is already progress the home page is almost built out just doesnt have any content
    [7/11/12 8:24:40 PM] Fireimg: true we agree on a seven day work but that doesn't mean you will do all of it the last day
    [7/11/12 8:24:44 PM] Nigel Lew: at least bother to look at it before you keep howling at me
    [7/11/12 8:24:55 PM] Nigel Lew: and back to my quesiton
    [7/11/12 8:25:09 PM] Nigel Lew: do you plan on using the slider for posts or static pages?
    [7/11/12 8:25:39 PM] Fireimg: the slider at the bottom of where the top news
    [7/11/12 8:25:48 PM] Fireimg: would be to show news as slider as well
    [7/11/12 8:25:58 PM] Nigel Lew: http://jnlew.com/clients/footy/
    [7/11/12 8:26:08 PM] Nigel Lew: if that loads the slider is at the top. I am using the theme you told me to use
    [7/11/12 8:26:23 PM] Fireimg: yeah thats fine
    [7/12/12 1:16:14 PM] Nigel Lew: hey you there?
    [7/12/12 4:35:16 PM] Nigel Lew: hey you mia today?
    [7/12/12 5:29:27 PM] Nigel Lew: hey at the end of the day I dont think this theme is all that suitable, not enough real estate or places to put the ton of info you want but still doing stuff. It wont effect me much to switch it, doing stuff that had to be done anyway
    [7/12/12 6:57:56 PM] Fireimg: why you think it isn't suitable
    [7/12/12 6:58:00 PM] Nigel Lew is away. We are of our server issue and are working to fix it asap. If I don't respond I am in the middle of fixing it. Working on anything pending and Social C. a bit today.
    [7/12/12 6:58:25 PM] Nigel Lew: [3:29:35 PM] Nigel Lew: not enough real estate or places to put the ton of info you want

    [7/12/12 6:58:30 PM] Nigel Lew: back in a sec
    [7/12/12 6:58:51 PM] Fireimg: there is no need to put a ton of info
    [7/12/12 6:58:52 PM] Fireimg: in the front page
    [7/12/12 6:58:55 PM] Nigel Lew: actually when I add some images it will make more sense just not much room to pull everything you want in there but changing it is goig to be a non issue really
    [7/12/12 6:58:59 PM] Fireimg: now that there would only be 2-3 new posts everyday or so
    [7/12/12 6:59:07 PM] Nigel Lew: ok then, it will be fine if I keep it on pages other than home
    [7/12/12 7:02:38 PM] Nigel Lew: unless I am nuts I didnt see the forum cats you sent.. Can you paste those for me. i am going to try and get some data into the site this evening etc. and maybe mess with the forum style so it matches etc.
    [7/12/12 7:04:05 PM] Fireimg: News - General Discussion - Liga Postobon - Copa Postobon - Refuerzos y Salidas
    [7/12/12 7:04:20 PM] Fireimg: Noticias - Dicusion General
    [7/12/12 7:04:24 PM] Fireimg: spanish sorry
    [7/12/12 7:04:35 PM] Nigel Lew: great thanks.. .and sorry for yelling. I was a bit stressed out lol
    [7/12/12 7:05:24 PM] Fireimg: I am going out and won't be back until tomorrow but ill be on most of the day
    [7/12/12 7:06:03 PM] Nigel Lew: it would be terribly helpful if you could send the 40 I saved you by using that template. I was not able to finish a huge ecommerce site last night due to the server not working. Also, it turns out he didnt even send me the right information to do it in the first place lol....
    [7/12/12 7:06:19 PM] Nigel Lew: and that is fine. Let me think for a sec. I had a question or two but I think we covered it
    [7/12/12 7:06:31 PM] Nigel Lew: I wont need any input for a day anyway
    [7/12/12 7:07:11 PM] Nigel Lew: audio video stuff is going to be post related correct?
    [7/12/12 7:07:18 PM] Nigel Lew: meaning not a page?
    [7/12/12 7:07:25 PM] Fireimg: yes
    [7/12/12 7:07:32 PM] Fireimg: but
    [7/12/12 7:07:34 PM] Nigel Lew: I think I can make a page or pages with videos like in a gallery format
    [7/12/12 7:07:42 PM] Fireimg: those posts will also be categorize as such and show on the front page
    [7/12/12 7:07:46 PM] Fireimg: and the media page
    [7/12/12 7:07:47 PM] Nigel Lew: yep
    [7/12/12 7:07:57 PM] Fireimg: I really have to go now though so ill ttyl
    [7/12/12 7:07:59 PM] Nigel Lew: the very top menu you see is just basic site pages
    [7/12/12 7:08:14 PM] Nigel Lew: cant send 40?
    [7/12/12 7:08:38 PM] Nigel Lew: aside from that... that is fine. I still have work, making it multi lingual etc.
    [7/12/12 7:08:44 PM] Fireimg: no I don't have any funds on my paypal atm which is why I told you I can only pay 30% upfront
    [7/12/12 7:08:49 PM] Nigel Lew: I know where I am headed
    [7/12/12 7:08:58 PM] Nigel Lew: I saved you that 40 dollars already that is why I ask
    [7/12/12 7:09:21 PM] Nigel Lew: we have that theme because I saved that cash and already had to pay to be a member
    [7/12/12 7:09:23 PM] Fireimg: remember the $200 included the theme in any case I saved you $40
    [7/12/12 7:09:36 PM] Nigel Lew: lolllllllllllllll
    [7/12/12 7:09:40 PM] Nigel Lew: see you tomorrow
    [7/16/12 9:14:00 PM] Fireimg: Hey how's the site looking
    [7/17/12 12:07:26 PM] Fireimg: Hi
    [7/17/12 12:07:39 PM] Nigel Lew: morning sir
    [7/17/12 12:07:56 PM] Fireimg: I wanted to ask you a question
    [7/17/12 12:07:59 PM] Fireimg: you know those sites that
    [7/17/12 12:08:01 PM] Nigel Lew: working on forum. I am trying to use this online theme editor I found but something just went terribly wrong lol
    [7/17/12 12:08:08 PM] Fireimg: sent fake emails using any email address
    [7/17/12 12:08:15 PM] Nigel Lew: sorta
    [7/17/12 12:08:23 PM] Nigel Lew: I was reading about one the other day actually
    [7/17/12 12:08:26 PM] Fireimg: would it be easy to do?
    [7/17/12 12:08:48 PM] Nigel Lew: not to my knowledge no and that would require doing weird things with your server but I can look into it if need be
    [7/17/12 12:09:10 PM] Nigel Lew: your home page is built out as well I think its looking much better
    [7/17/12 12:09:22 PM] Fireimg: k let me know on that and keep me updated on the blog
    [7/17/12 12:09:34 PM] Nigel Lew: http://jnlew.com/clients/footy/forum/index.php
    [7/17/12 12:09:52 PM] Nigel Lew: I got the green right and have to change a few things but something went haywire I have some broken images
    [7/17/12 12:10:08 PM] Fireimg: the navigation for the home page
    [7/17/12 12:10:08 PM] Nigel Lew: http://jnlew.com/clients/footy/
    [7/17/12 12:10:10 PM] Fireimg: seems to be wrong
    [7/17/12 12:10:16 PM] Fireimg: like there are 2 links up
    [7/17/12 12:10:18 PM] Fireimg: 4 links down
    [7/17/12 12:10:58 PM] Nigel Lew: The very top is pages only the 2nd nav is blog categories
    [7/17/12 12:11:34 PM] Nigel Lew: It basically has two menu positoins I can swap them etc. I have to mess with that font a bit
    [7/17/12 12:11:35 PM] Fireimg: Live Game isn't a category
    [7/17/12 12:11:48 PM] Fireimg: nor is Forum really
    [7/17/12 12:11:58 PM] Fireimg: but anyways I prefer to have them all on top
    [7/17/12 12:12:12 PM] Fireimg: and the image that highlights which section
    [7/17/12 12:12:14 PM] Fireimg: you are in
    [7/17/12 12:12:21 PM] Fireimg: seems to be messy
    [7/17/12 12:12:26 PM] Fireimg: like that little white traingle
    [7/17/12 12:12:30 PM] Fireimg: with the black background
    [7/17/12 12:12:43 PM] Nigel Lew: yeah I have to change that graphic, I am aware of htat
    [7/17/12 12:13:01 PM] Nigel Lew: I can put everythin on top as well that is fine
    [7/17/12 12:18:06 PM] Nigel Lew: do you have a vps or dedicated server?
    [7/17/12 12:19:07 PM] Fireimg: VPS
    [7/17/12 12:19:22 PM] Nigel Lew: ok
    [7/17/12 12:48:04 PM] Fireimg: ill be leaving in 30 min should be back in 6-7 hours
    [7/17/12 12:48:57 PM] Nigel Lew: ok no sweat have a nice day
    [7/17/12 9:17:31 PM] Fireimg: hey any update
    [7/17/12 9:18:28 PM] Nigel Lew: have to fix forum when I look at that stuff on my comp its not messed up. Home page largely done sorta just have to figure out why the menu is showing up twice, I should be done tomorrow. I am going to try to deal with scores etc. tonight
    [7/17/12 9:18:51 PM] Nigel Lew: no clue yet on the mail server stuff but it should be doable since you have a vps basically
    [7/17/12 9:19:44 PM] Nigel Lew: can you send me 40 as a milestone payment to hit 50% I have more than that done
    [7/17/12 9:20:14 PM] Fireimg: we never agree I would sent any payment half-way
    [7/17/12 9:20:48 PM] Nigel Lew: I am beyond half way but whatever. That is not at all reasonable and will not be dealing with the anon mail site then
    [7/17/12 9:21:07 PM] Nigel Lew: will have the soccer stuff done asap
    [7/17/12 9:21:20 PM] Fireimg: k
    [7/18/12 9:30:55 PM] Fireimg: Hey any update
    [7/18/12 9:31:03 PM] Nigel Lew is away. Wednesday, working on soccer blog and LED Light site. If I don't respond I am likely just wandering around the office for a bit.
    [7/19/12 9:34:15 PM] Fireimg: Hey any update
    [7/20/12 1:58:41 PM] Fireimg: Hi
    [7/20/12 1:58:47 PM] Nigel Lew is away. Thursday, wrapping up soccer blog and some misc. ecommerce work. If I dont respond I may be working downstairs on the laptop.
    [7/20/12 7:49:05 PM] Fireimg: ...
    [7/20/12 7:49:19 PM] Fireimg: if your going to ignore me tell me now and stop wasting my time
    [7/20/12 8:26:27 PM] Fireimg: well looks likeI am going to have to open a dispute and report you on DP until you decide to respond back >.< thanks for wasting my time I guess
    [7/20/12 8:27:08 PM] Nigel Lew: hey one sec I have not been here, That is why you have an auto response lol
    [7/20/12 8:27:23 PM] Nigel Lew: hang on a sec I have to send the folks an email real fast
    [7/20/12 8:28:29 PM] Nigel Lew: k sorry if I dont have that stuff done tomorrow I will gladly send cash back and send the work over to you. Have you checked on that domain in the last day or so?
    [7/20/12 8:29:10 PM] Nigel Lew: I dont recall the name of it
    [7/20/12 8:29:12 PM] Fireimg: wont be up for another month or two
    [7/20/12 8:29:25 PM] Nigel Lew: ahck bummer, have to looked into another one?
    [7/20/12 8:29:30 PM] Nigel Lew: have you rather
    [7/20/12 8:29:36 PM] Fireimg: going to wait for it
    [7/20/12 8:30:04 PM] Nigel Lew: while that is a little while that may actually be a good idea, that name is great and will largely rank itself
    [7/20/12 8:31:04 PM] Nigel Lew: at any rate, I should be able to wrap that stuff up in the morning. It may be worth it to grab anything and then run a 301 redirect to the new one when you can get it so you still get some seo running in the meantime
    [7/20/12 8:31:43 PM] Nigel Lew: basically anything with the name in it, even if it has a - in it or something. You can grab a godaddy coupon and get one for like 6-7 dollars
    [7/20/12 8:36:03 PM] Fireimg: ill see when you get it done
    [7/20/12 8:36:06 PM] Nigel Lew: http://www.fatwallet.com/GoDaddy-coupons/
    [7/20/12 8:36:13 PM] Nigel Lew: 4.95 .com
    [7/20/12 8:36:21 PM] Nigel Lew: sometimes they dont work but most of them should
    [7/21/12 4:53:57 PM] Fireimg: Hey any update
    [7/21/12 4:54:39 PM] Nigel Lew: hey one sec, I have the police here I have a bit of an issue but its not about me so no worries lol
    [7/21/12 6:07:42 PM] Fireimg: so...
    [7/21/12 6:42:34 PM] Fireimg: ....
    [7/21/12 8:52:54 PM] Fireimg: can you please just refund me I can't communicate like this with you anymore it's been 5 days past due date
    [7/22/12 11:09:24 AM] Nigel Lew: sorry man I had to deal with some very unusal stuff yesterday I will deal with your site today and there is no place to put that stuff so fail to see the issue
    [7/22/12 11:10:54 AM] Fireimg: no I don't want anymore excuses give me a full re fund I am not going to wait anymore to see more of your excuses later on
    [7/22/12 11:11:07 AM] Fireimg: I want a yes or no from you so I know what to do right now
    [7/22/12 11:12:50 AM] Nigel Lew: its almost done and this stuff is not going live for months but if you are not going to reasonable about things I will glaldly profer a refund but its going to take a few hours I will have to invoice a few folks and I am happy to send you the work as well since it will take someone about an hour at most to finish it and the theme is already purchased
    [7/22/12 11:13:15 AM] Fireimg: the theme was from your membership and you told me it was free
    [7/22/12 11:13:30 AM] Fireimg: I don't want your work I just want a refund I can't waste anymore time here
    [7/22/12 11:13:36 AM] Nigel Lew: I am paid memeber there so yes it was purcahsed
    [7/22/12 11:13:53 AM] Fireimg: you paid before you were hired and you told me it was free
    [7/22/12 11:14:13 AM] Nigel Lew: you can make this live for months no time being wasted here. I will zip it up and send it over skype, its free to you because I offered it
    [7/22/12 11:14:40 AM] Fireimg: how do you know what I am planning
    [7/22/12 11:14:44 AM] Fireimg: your job was to finish this
    [7/22/12 11:14:45 AM] Fireimg: a week ago
    [7/22/12 11:14:59 AM] Fireimg: I am not going to waste my time anymore and follow up on you everyday so I can be ignore
    [7/22/12 11:15:02 AM] Nigel Lew: because I asked and you made it clear you where waiting on the domain
    [7/22/12 11:15:04 AM] Fireimg: just refund me
    [7/22/12 11:15:06 AM] Fireimg: make sure it's today
    [7/22/12 11:15:10 AM] Nigel Lew: will do
    [7/22/12 11:15:13 AM] Fireimg: by tomorrow ill have a dispute open
    [7/22/12 11:15:19 AM] Fireimg: next time you agree
    [7/22/12 11:15:22 AM] Fireimg: to take someones work
    [7/22/12 11:15:24 AM] Fireimg: make sure you have the time
    [7/22/12 11:15:27 AM] Fireimg: and can keep your promises
    [7/22/12 10:06:01 PM] Nigel Lew: hey waiting on someone in france to wake up and then I should be all set, I will drop a note in a bit of you are here
    [7/22/12 10:52:09 PM] Nigel Lew: hey shoot me your paypal as well so I have it here
    [7/22/12 10:53:06 PM] Fireimg:
    [7/22/12 10:53:18 PM] Nigel Lew: thanks
    [7/23/12 9:54:36 AM] Nigel Lew: hi getting up in a sec and when check in on things. I had to go to sleep
    [7/23/12 9:56:50 AM] Fireimg: you haven't refunded me payment yet I thought you said you would yesterday
    [7/23/12 9:57:36 AM] Nigel Lew: Fireimg
    [7/22/2012 8:06:17 PM] Nigel Lew: hey waiting on someone in france to wake up and then I should be all set, I will drop a note in a bit of you are here
    [7/22/2012 8:52:25 PM] Nigel Lew: hey shoot me your paypal as well so I have it here
    [7/22/2012 8:53:23 PM] Fireimg:
    [7/22/2012 8:53:34 PM] Nigel Lew: thanks
    [7/23/12 9:58:17 AM] Nigel Lew: please read and I will drop a note when I am alert. I specifically got out of bed to talk to you but I have to do something and check on the payment
    [7/23/12 9:59:37 AM] Fireimg: I dont understand what your trying to say
    [7/23/12 10:03:55 AM] Nigel Lew: I had to go to sleep I have to spoken the fellow in france yet. I will send it today
    [7/23/12 4:02:29 PM] Fireimg: so...
    [7/23/12 4:02:44 PM] Nigel Lew is away. Happy Monday folks. finishing a range of things that are largely done and a bit of social C. work. If I don't respond I may be working downstairs.
    [7/23/12 4:03:08 PM] Nigel Lew: working at breakneck speeds to finish a few things and deal with it
    [7/23/12 4:03:53 PM] Fireimg: ok well am going to open a dispute now and just who ever you need to speak too ask them to return the amount
    [7/23/12 4:04:13 PM] Nigel Lew: that is not going to help your cause but feel free
    [7/23/12 4:04:29 PM] Fireimg: is open if by tonight I dont have it ill post about this on DP
    [7/23/12 4:04:53 PM] Nigel Lew: that is further not going to help your cause but again, feel free
    [7/23/12 4:05:46 PM] Fireimg: actually ill post it now as well on DP
    [7/23/12 4:05:56 PM] Nigel Lew: ok
    [7/23/12 4:14:21 PM] Nigel Lew: as soon as I wrap up a few things for folks who are not completely unreasonable I will be adding the line of code required to aggregate the club stats and posting it so 100 other people can download the site in its entirety. I dont follow why I have never had an issue in 10 years of doing this unless the came from DP and I am trying to help folks with virtually no budget but that is fine. I am well versed in dealing with it. Incidentally, no one ever tries to pull this crap with me unless its sunday evening either lol
    [7/23/12 4:16:18 PM] Nigel Lew: nah I caught it on slashdot actually but its on a few sites, its all largey the same info
    [7/23/12 4:16:24 PM] Nigel Lew: oops sorry wrong window
    zipped, backing up DP now. Let me know you try to bad mouth me so I can let anyone who wants it have it and post the domain name
    [7/23/12 4:29:34 PM] Nigel Lew: DB rather

    Please avoid Nigel Lew at all costs, you will end up being scam. His from Colorado, Cardondale. His homepage is http://www.jnlew.com/ email his phone number 866 826 6536 Birthdate 6 - 30 - 67
    Musicinstant, Jul 23, 2012 IP
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  17. Nigel Lew

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    http://clubdeportivocali.com/ is not currently available but when I get done with a few things for folks who are not completely unresonable I will post a zip file of the completed work so everybody can have it for free.

    I not only agreed to wrap this up I also agreed to refund him. I was simply not able to do it late sunday evening. More of the same around here as usual.

    I fail to see the issue when the site is not even going live by his own admission for months despite my suggestions and coupons to grab a quick domain for a bit of pre-emptive SEO that can be forwarded.

    I have learned to not get upset about this place any longer. Its a moot point. It seems he doesn't like paying for work around here anyway so I a happy to wash my hands of it.

    Nigel Lew, Jul 23, 2012 IP
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    Give me a refund and stop with your lame excuses, thank you.
    Musicinstant, Jul 23, 2012 IP
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    Same thing just happened with me he is very unprofessional.

    I told him I am going to cancel our deal and he became a cry baby. Very unprofessional also threatened to do bad things to my website rank. Total cry baby I will post the chat conversation NO ONE should ever do any business with this guy.
    AlwaysSucceed, Oct 29, 2012 IP
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    [4:12:32 PM] Mike Mathers: Hey man
    [4:14:00 PM] Nigel Lew: hey sorry not dodging you it monday, I dont like monday and I have been dealing with this fukwit all day who pulled charge back on my paypal etc. I wasted like 2 days on this shit and he actually had the balls to say he does not care that my buddy has cancer
    [4:14:17 PM] Nigel Lew: I am in the middle of sticking his shit on page3 00
    [4:14:20 PM] Nigel Lew: 300
    [4:14:39 PM] Nigel Lew: that shit makes me want to smash things
    [4:14:47 PM] Mike Mathers: Something came up to me as well
    [4:15:06 PM] Mike Mathers: I dont have time to wait for people to do work anymore.
    [4:15:29 PM] Mike Mathers: I have a very busy schedule and I need someone who will get to work right away without my help
    [4:15:39 PM] Nigel Lew: I am in there now, dont give me shit please
    [4:15:48 PM] Mike Mathers: Nigel
    [4:16:00 PM] Mike Mathers: I am paying $200 a month
    [4:16:06 PM] Mike Mathers: it might sound like nothing to you
    [4:16:23 PM] Nigel Lew: my week is fucked up enough dude just answer my questions and that stuff would be done in 5 minutrds
    [4:16:25 PM] Nigel Lew: minutes
    [4:16:30 PM] Mike Mathers: Nigel
    [4:16:37 PM] Mike Mathers: your a very nice guy, i like you a lot.
    [4:16:58 PM] Mike Mathers: But business has no emotions and personally i dont care man, I need to get my shit done i have a deadline.
    [4:17:05 PM] Mike Mathers: if i dont see any results in the next couple of months
    [4:17:10 PM] Mike Mathers: i have to quit what im doing
    [4:17:16 PM] Mike Mathers: and i will have lost a lot of money
    [4:17:28 PM] Nigel Lew: it would already be done but you prefer to argue
    [4:17:41 PM] Mike Mathers: argue about what man..
    [4:17:45 PM] Mike Mathers: come on dude are you serious
    [4:17:48 PM] Nigel Lew: and i am talking magento, that is what I am logged into
    [4:17:57 PM] Mike Mathers: i get 13 visits a day you want me to be happy?
    [4:18:05 PM] Mike Mathers: i sent a payment of $200 a week ago come on.
    [4:18:41 PM] Nigel Lew: wait a minute. I totally though you were one of my clients, I didnt even realize it was you
    [4:18:57 PM] Mike Mathers: can you please send jason a message for me
    [4:19:04 PM] Mike Mathers: asking for a refund.
    [4:19:09 PM] Mike Mathers: I need to look for somebody else
    [4:19:42 PM] Nigel Lew: dude I am going to retool that copy and do his work for a week or so calm down
    [4:20:36 PM] Nigel Lew: people suck already, I have this one due who pulled a paypal charge back, I dont have time for this shit right now. I am not spiritually fit
    [4:21:11 PM] Mike Mathers: thats the problem Nigel
    [4:21:21 PM] Mike Mathers: Thats not my problem
    [4:21:37 PM] Mike Mathers: im so sorry to be rude
    [4:21:40 PM] Mike Mathers: but im running out of time
    [4:21:51 PM] Mike Mathers: please send jason a message for me to issue me a full refund
    [4:22:55 PM] Nigel Lew: look, his father had stroke. You have to deal with it. I told you I would take over the work but if you are at issue with a day or two of Jason not being around you are going to have huge fucking issues
    [4:23:03 PM] Mike Mathers: Nah sorry bro.
    [4:23:16 PM] Mike Mathers: I need a refund.
    [4:23:47 PM] Mike Mathers: Im in a world where time is an issue regardless of what happens to people
    [4:24:00 PM] Mike Mathers: my life is different from yours and i cant have your problems get in my way
    [4:24:04 PM] Mike Mathers: thats how life is
    [4:24:52 PM] Mike Mathers: can you send him a message for me or do i need to call him?
    [4:25:49 PM] Nigel Lew: ok so let me get this straight. You want a refund from Jason because his father had a stroke and he cant talk to you right now
    [4:25:54 PM] Nigel Lew: would that be accurate
    [4:26:11 PM] Mike Mathers: No
    [4:26:14 PM] Mike Mathers: thats not that
    [4:26:18 PM] Nigel Lew: you need to be very careful about how you phrase shit through out the next minutes
    [4:26:36 PM] Mike Mathers: I want a refund because the day i made a payment was the day i was led to believe work would be done, and i am running on a short amount of time.
    [4:26:49 PM] Mike Mathers: lol r u threatning me?
    [4:27:18 PM] Nigel Lew: I dont make threats. I will stick that site on page 300 forever in under 5 minutes if I see fit to do so
    [4:27:33 PM] Mike Mathers: very professional of you?
    [4:27:39 PM] Mike Mathers: I dont see what the problem is.
    [4:27:59 PM] Mike Mathers: I have been very respectfull, i made a payment no work has been done all i am asking for is myy money back.
    [4:28:04 PM] Mike Mathers: i dont see what the problem is?
    [4:28:08 PM] Mike Mathers: this is normal
    [4:28:09 PM] Nigel Lew: I dont work for you. I made it clear that I would take control of the project because my buddies father had a fucking stroke
    [4:28:33 PM] Nigel Lew: it has shit to do with you
    [4:28:38 PM] Mike Mathers: has nothing to do with me?
    [4:28:45 PM] Mike Mathers: you need to relax.
    [4:28:46 PM] Nigel Lew: things have to get done so I will do it
    [4:28:59 PM] Nigel Lew: no I need to do the right thing, you are making that quite difficult
    [4:29:02 PM] Mike Mathers: but i dont want it done anymore this is normal
    [4:29:16 PM] Mike Mathers: since it hasnt started its perfect time to cancel.
    [4:29:35 PM] Mike Mathers: its not like you guys did work and im being a jerk and asking for my money back
    [4:29:41 PM] Nigel Lew: well, if you want to fire jason that is your perogitive but I will ask you not to fuck with his paypal account until you talk to him
    [4:29:44 PM] Mike Mathers: i respect the both fo you im sorry for what your going through
    [4:29:48 PM] Mike Mathers: but im on a deadline
    [4:29:51 PM] Mike Mathers: i have a partner
    [4:29:56 PM] Mike Mathers: this is not my descision
    [4:30:02 PM] Nigel Lew: that being said, you just went full dick so no more advice for you, you are on your own
    [4:30:29 PM] Mike Mathers: ok im sorry you feel that way Nigel.
    [4:30:37 PM] Mike Mathers: what do I have to due to get my refund?
    [4:30:40 PM] Nigel Lew: you are a fucking asshole
    [4:31:09 PM] Nigel Lew: fuck you dude, my colleauge's father had a stroke 2 days ago if you are at issue with that you can frankly fuck off
    [4:31:26 PM] Nigel Lew: you can have a refund as soon as he is able to log on
    [4:31:29 PM] Mike Mathers: I dont have an issue with anything. May god be with him.
    [4:31:39 PM] Nigel Lew: dude you are a fucking loser
    [4:31:47 PM] Mike Mathers: I told you, i am sorry for what you guys are going through but i dont have a lot of time.
    [4:31:48 PM] Nigel Lew: booting you from skype, fuck off
    [4:31:56 PM] Mike Mathers: ok.

    That's when he blocked me on skype.

    I have called his partner and left a voice mail telling him I need a refund. Hopefully they issue me one as soon as possible.
    AlwaysSucceed, Oct 29, 2012 IP
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