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Niche centric High PR backlinks help any more ?

Discussion in 'SEO' started by master_mian, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Hi there,
    Coming to the point. Do PR backlinks help any more to lift our website's authorities and ranks after all this Google bashing ?
    I mean it was a charm in the past but what is your experience in recent times as SEO rapidly changed by all means.
    Share your thoughts and experiences to enlighten me and others here.

    Cheers !
    master_mian, Sep 13, 2013 IP
  2. Kianu42

    Kianu42 Member

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    Google is still backing up a hard-core focus on high-quality and relevant backinks. So if you are building such links to your site, it will definitely help you improve your rankings.

    As for PageRank value, it hasn't been updated since February, so you shouldn't rely much on it when analyzing sources to get links from. The point is that now PageRank is updated only internally within Google and it's not pushed out to the Google toolbar, so webmasters don't have access to the current data. All they see it's already outdated stuff.

    Try to analyze sources to get links from against other important SEO criteria - domain age and country of origin, link value, etc. Use a free backlink checker (WebMeUp backlink tool, for instance) to assess the quality of sites you can prospectively get links from.
    Kianu42, Nov 25, 2013 IP
  3. Seoclub100

    Seoclub100 Greenhorn

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    Yes it helps. becasue google find your blog's links on other relevent websites and decide to lift up or drop down your website.
    Seoclub100, Nov 25, 2013 IP