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Nginx installed on Windows in EC2 (AWS)

Discussion in 'Nginx' started by Exupery08, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Hi all,
    I have installed a basic Windows server with Nginx in AWS.
    I tested the installation and it is ok. (In the server, I have written "localhost" and the browser showed the Nginx welcome page).
    I am having problems to connect from another machine. I have tried with ping + IP, ping + DNS, and I did the same using HTTP (IP or dns name).
    The server is unreachable.
    I have checked the Networking security and it is ok.
    HTTP TCP 80 -
    HTTP TCP 80 ::/0 -
    RDP TCP 3389 -
    All ICMP - IPv4 ICMP All -
    All ICMP - IPv4 ICMP All ::/0 -
    Do you have any clue...?
    Exupery08, Mar 25, 2020 IP
  2. SolaDrive

    SolaDrive Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    What do you get when you ping local host from the server itself and then also your public IP you are trying to access (destination IP), it seems nginx may not be listening on the correct port or you have a network config issue.
    SolaDrive, Mar 26, 2020 IP