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Newbie here and CB

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by bloomsayer, May 10, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, Adam Brandt here of Bloomsayer International. I just completed my first ebook titled The Art of Viral Fundraising. I opened a CB vendor account and I am currently waiting for product approval. It is a 60 page reference guide for small to medium-large non-profits and for-profits. I focus on setting up social networks to attract potential donors. Also covered is smart phone integration, video, and live event ideas to tie together offline and online fundraising campaigns. Easy to read and follow, I hope to attract a few affiliates before launch. My sales page is up and ready at http://www.theartofviralfundraising.com. 50% commission on a fairly priced guide. Check me out and good luck to all. Thanks, Adam
    bloomsayer, May 10, 2011 IP
  2. NCMedia

    NCMedia Well-Known Member

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    Proper way to launch next time Adam (Or at least a much high propensity for success):

    Adam here, I have a new product launching, my conversion rates are at 1:xx to 1:xx. I've done testing on x pages as split tests and in the screen shots below you can see my adspend, the route taken to buy (lander/direct/ppc ad templates/keys). I know it's important to show/prove tests for bigger affiliates and I'd much rather attract those that are serious and successful in this biz, so I've tested well and have a blueprint for you to tweak. I also know you guys hate testing other peoples products and taking the risk on yourselves, I would never expect you to promote unproven products blindly because I wouldn't either. Don't waste your time with those...

    Commission should be 75% mate, especially if you're a new vendor (think about it, new untested unproven ebook on a low ticket item at 50%? Not the norm or advantageous for you).

    At least you didn't go through the roof overhyping it with crazy insane conversion claims and no refund claims etc... Trust me throw some of your own resources/money/traffic at it and get it converting on your own, you'll attract real affiliates with budgets and a hunger for new proven sellers vs. taking the risk on this (you're shooting yourself in the foot).
    NCMedia, May 11, 2011 IP
  3. anwaraa

    anwaraa Active Member

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    I wish you the best Adam. I hope the product takes off.
    anwaraa, May 12, 2011 IP