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New to Adsense...

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by ViciousSummer, Apr 3, 2004.

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    I just placed adsense ads on my sites and had a couple of questions:
    1. Is there any way to specify to open a new window when an ad is clicked (to avoid people completely clicking off of your site)?
    2. How much are you people actual raking in from Adsense?
    3. Is Adsense really a good idea on my site since I'm basically placing ads for my competitors on my pages?
    ViciousSummer, Apr 3, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    1. Nope... and even if it was, it's against Google's TOS.
    2. Depends on how much traffic you get and the content of your site.
    3. For your site, probably not particularly because you have a high percentage of people buying stuff from you. You will loose those sales to the ones clicking your ads. (notice there are no AdSense within digitalpoint.com where we may actually make a sale)

    - Shawn
    digitalpoint, Apr 3, 2004 IP
  3. expat

    expat Stranger from a far land

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    Agree nearly completely with shawn.

    Except if surfers don't find what they are looking for on the page - regardless of reason it pays to have them click on ad's when they pi** off anyway, also gives an indication of how effective the message on your page is.
    (I use channels from adsense to make sure I can monitor this)

    Personally I don't mind showing ad's for similar offers, some people understand and like the style of the pages others don't, well if they don't pls leave a small apreciation of the work gone into the page and click on an ad, rather than close and click on the next search result.

    Having looked at your site you could expand content like
    history of lingerie (at least 20 pages) , manufacturing of lingerie, styles etc.
    a lot of fringe information that may attract idle surfers.
    It gives you more content and ability to use synonyms and combinations thus gives the site depth and if they don't want to buy they may as well leave at least a tip.

    The one thing I like above all else is that it now pays to generate good and "extra" content.
    Actual income depends on traffic and pages.
    From my personal domains where I add 1 page content per day and update 1, having 6 digit monthly traffic, I expect to make .25$ per page/month where I show ad's (approx 50%).

    PS 1 page a day for the last 4 years = 1400 pages
    PPS You could generate pages for insurance of lingerie? The insurance market is gone over the top and some ad's on insurance sites now sell for more than $10 a click. I've just trialed an "insurance jungle explained" shown 200 times 2 ad clicks $10. So I think I have my clients write some serious insurance content.
    expat, Apr 4, 2004 IP
  4. GuyFromChicago

    GuyFromChicago Permanent Peon

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    Just so you know, discussing specific $ is a violation of the TOS too. They'll yank your account if you're caught doing it.

    To amplify what DP said, earnings will vary depending on your traffic and content. The ads you display on your site through Adsense are bought and paid for by Adwords advertisers. You make a
    GuyFromChicago, Apr 4, 2004 IP
  5. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    i agree with expat about competitors
    me too i have competing sites advertising - and when i first saw it - i smiled because my competitors are going to pay me for using my ad platform to advertise - i am confident to be competitive anyway. YOU shold be TOO ! else just improve. how ? add NEW or DIFFERENT products or CUSTOM tailored products ..

    but more serious now:

    actually i found on my pages MOST of the appearing ads - ALMOST ALL - to be value addeed to the content i offer. variations of what i offer or add ons to what i offer.

    it depends from page to page and you can filter particular ad-domains OUT if you wish so - noe the sites that bother your heart and just go to your G settings page.

    but keep in mind
    someone searching lingerie finding your page but having "european lingerie" in mind and finding such add on your page ( i found one such on your page ) may be happy to have found wht he forgot to specify .. ) so here again you may get paid by offering the platform for finding the final destination of the surfer

    i have seen very interesting ads appearing - for example on a page about "peter pan" books
    an ad appears about "peter pan t-shirts" - i considered that a value added ad-content for peter pan fans.

    or on a page about "how to take" homeopathic remedies an add of source where to buy ..

    your store is different and you may select or remove ads for the pages depending on what ads show up and how they add to the value of your content.

    presently i have approx 35% of pages with ads - the others are ads-free

    myself i must admit - i ONLY have ads because of Shawns Google in a sandbox !!!

    i have tested many of my URLs for weeks before and foudn them ALL value added information - then i made the decision FOR G ads.

    i also FULLY agree about writing

    no body says that you should ONLY sell what others produce .. be creative and add own content ..
    write about history of fashion ( naming palces, cities, countries !! ) , about traditions, about sexy lingerie in other cultures, ... separate content pages ..

    you can write for example pages about
    materials used for your produtcs, how to care for your products .. ( one page per material ) like nylon, perlon, silk, cotton, ...

    or the origin of some products / materials
    or when a particular style of fashion was first invented or by whome
    or where ( cities, countries, .. )

    then you find city ads, country ads, travel ads, ...
    and none of them compete with you but add value to your content and compliment your site

    write about being a good mother ( sexy girls may get pregnant when in love :) - or about dancing in sexy dress and you may get ads froorm discos or dancing schools ..

    i love the idea of insurance from expat ..
    think about how to get insurance for "TOO sexy girls" - write a joke page on it ..
    they live dangerous - may be loved, may get married, may get happy ... :)
    may be they need insurance too ??

    and there you place ads
    on pages of YOUR self made content ..
    about beaches, ... with people wearing various sexy fash
    hans, Apr 4, 2004 IP
  6. smfseo

    smfseo Well-Known Member

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    Now thats some serious info
    Thanks for all the effort in putting together so much valuable information on one page.
    smfseo, Nov 10, 2006 IP