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New session & lost of UTMs when user navigates to next page (onlly with Https)

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by urkhobcn, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Hi all, Let see if you can give us a hand with this problem.

    When a user arrives to our website (which is in https) with UTM parameters, Analytics starts a new session as soon as the user navigates to the next page. Google Tag Assistant record the error as "This hit starts a new session, most likely because the campaign changed"

    So for Adwords traffic, source/medium change from google/cpc to google/organic (we have checked that manual UTM & autotagging on has nothing to do with the problem).
    For referral traffic the UTM parameters in hit 1: Source: destinationcoupons /Medium: referral, change to destinationcoupons.com/Medium:referral
    We have done test in pre-production site (which is in http) and the issue doesn't occurs. When we switch pre-production site to https the issue appears. So the problem occurs in https and not in http.

    In GA Debug, we can see that when https is "on" Analytics gets the Document Referrer. In http not. Not sure if this has something to do but probably this is the cause that in referral traffic UTMs are dismissed as soon as user navigates to the next page and being replaced by the referral URL

    We have discarded these causes: 301, internal UTMS & Cross-Site Traffic with multiple domains or subdomains

    Any idea of what can be the cause of this problem? Thank for your help
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
    urkhobcn, Sep 22, 2017 IP