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New Referral for Adwords Produce

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Mong, Apr 4, 2006.

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    To enable you to further monetize your site, we've added a new product to our referrals feature -- Google AdWords! Help your users discover the power of AdWords advertising to connect them with buyers for their products. You'll earn $20 when an advertiser you refer spends at least $100 within 90 days of signing up. For instructions on adding a referral button to your site, and answers to other common questions about referrals, visit the Referrals section of our Help Center.

    Is it not more productive than adsense referral ? :p
    Mong, Apr 4, 2006 IP
  2. Shoemoney

    Shoemoney $

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    Here is the thing....

    They have been handing out 50-200$ coupons for adwords like candy at every show I have ever been to... also google analytics was a great reason to signup...

    Now they are out of tricks and want you to work for them... for CHEAP.

    Much like the firefox referals... if you are a fan of Google and you want to promote them then cool... but its not like its a good affiliate program money wise.

    I really wonder what some of the marketing people at google are thinking... course its working with adsense and firefox I guess. You see those referals everywhere....
    Shoemoney, Apr 5, 2006 IP
  3. GuyFromChicago

    GuyFromChicago Permanent Peon

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    Very true. The requirements someone has to meet for you to earn $20 are pretty substantial in comparison to other affiliate programs. I promote affiliate programs where I earn more than that for someone simply filling out a lead form...they don't have to sign up for anything or spend $XXX within a certain timeframe.

    I would be all over this if they payout was in the $75 range.
    GuyFromChicago, Apr 5, 2006 IP
  4. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Nice... now if they would just start having text links available for their product referrals. :)
    digitalpoint, Apr 5, 2006 IP