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New Keyword Tool Idea

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by piddle, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Here is an e-mail I sent to Digital Point regarding a new keyword suggestion tool. Tell me what you think:

    "I am very pleased by the keyword suggestion tool located here:

    I have derived much use out of it, and it is far easier than going to Overture or Wordtracker separately.

    I find now that I need to know the number of daily searches performed for not just 1-10 keywords, whereby the entry -> search -> results process (by keyword) is sufficient, but that I need to know the daily searches for several thousand keywords and phrases. It is inefficient and even impossible to manually run the searches by the hand.
    I was hoping then that you could develop a tool that would allow people to input several thousand keywords and/or phrases, via browsing for a text file or inputting them in a near-infinite form field, and then displaying the results online (for the exact keyword and/or phrase inputted, no related phrases). I.e., the user would have to input apple and apples, and then would just get the results for those words exactly, except on a scale of entering several hundred or several thousand keywords and/or phrases.

    Before performing the mass search, the user would have the option to order the results alphabetically, by a search volume average of Overture and Wordtracker, or by the number of daily searches performed on WordTracker and Overture separately (side-by-side).

    As well, the user could input a name for the mass search, i.e., celebrities, and the results would be output to a page capable of being bookmarked. In order that no one would run into any problems by choosing the same search name, the user would enter a username as well. There would be no chance of bookmarked pages running into eachother that way. In addition, if the user ever wants to add search words to his search, all he needs to do would be to input his username and search name, add the new words, and run the search again. It would update the bookmarked page accordingly."
    piddle, Jun 19, 2004 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Probably not to be honest. Since each query is done in realtime, it would require an extraordinary amount of resources if people start using it for massive keyword queries.
    digitalpoint, Jun 19, 2004 IP
  3. nadlay

    nadlay Guest

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    I used it yesterday for about 50 keyword phrases, scraped the data from the screen, and imported the data into a program I wrote, which now allows me to view all the results, and manipulate them further.
    nadlay, Jun 19, 2004 IP